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Netanyahu resists US plan – Saudi newspaper Al-Watan 2024 - drweud
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Netanyahu resists US plan – Saudi newspaper Al-Watan

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he has not given up on his goal of destroying Hamas, telling his ruling partners that a ceasefire proposal pushed by US President Joe Biden would achieve that goal , otherwise Israel would return to war.

Netanyahu is facing a backlash from ultranationalists in his coalition, who have threatened to overthrow his government if he accepts a deal that would end the war in Gaza without eliminating Hamas.

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden said Israel had offered Hamas a three-stage ceasefire and the release of hostages, saying the time had come to end the fighting in Gaza and that Hamas was “no longer able” to carry out another major operation. large-scale attack on Israel.

“We reserve the right to return to war,” Netanyahu told the commission, according to media reports.

Fire show

Last week, Biden announced what he described as the Israeli offer, which includes a “permanent ceasefire” and Israeli withdrawal from Gaza if Hamas releases all the hostages it is holding.

The plan released by the Biden administration does not talk about removing Hamas from power in Gaza or eliminating it, but in a speech, Biden said the eight-month Israeli attack had weakened the militants to the point that they could no longer carry out the plan. Attack of October 7.

Netanyahu told Parliament’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee that there were some “gaps” in Biden’s announcement. He said during the closed-door session, according to Israeli media: “Biden talked about the broad outlines but not all the details,” and said Biden’s plan includes integrated measures to ensure all parties adhere to the agreement before it progresses towards the agreement. next step.

In a video statement released by his office, Netanyahu said that in efforts to return the hostages, “we have maintained the goals of the war, the first of which is the destruction of Hamas,” and added: “This is part of the proposal.”

The text of the proposed ceasefire agreement has not been announced and Hamas has said it views the proposal “positively.”

Netanyahu resists US plan – Saudi newspaper Al-Watan

Constant attacks

Israel is expanding its attack on the town of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, which was once the main center of humanitarian aid operations.

Two Israeli occupation raids on the Bureij refugee camp resulted in the deaths of four people, including three children, and the second strike resulted in the deaths of seven people, including a woman, in the Nuseirat refugee camp.

The Israeli invasion has largely disrupted the supply of food, medicine and other supplies to Palestinians, who face widespread hunger.

Israel faces growing international criticism over the heavy loss of civilian life and widespread destruction caused by its war with Hamas, which lasted nearly eight months.

Israeli bombings and ground operations in the besieged strip have resulted in the deaths of more than 36,000 Palestinians, according to Gaza’s health ministry.

Netanyahu resists US plan – Saudi newspaper Al-Watan

Strong points

Israeli leader Netanyahu faces growing pressure at home after Biden’s Gaza proposal.

Israel runs a mysterious hospital in the desert for Gaza detainees and critics allege mistreatment.

Maldives will block Israelis from entering the country due to the war in Gaza.

Condemnations are increasing over the Israeli proposal to classify the UN humanitarian agency as a terrorist group.

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