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Officially, the “representatives” agree to teach chess in Egyptian schools

Officially, the “representatives” agree to teach chess in Egyptian schools

One of the competitions of the junior chess championship in Sharm el-Sheikh

Mohammed Aouf

The Egyptian Chess Federation today announced the approval of the House of Representatives to popularize and teach chess in various Egyptian schools. The Council referred the decision to the Egyptian government, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Youth and Sports to begin implementing and activating it. decision.

For its part, the Business Management Committee of the Chess Federation thanked all those who contributed to the adoption of the decision, starting with Representative Mohamed Badrawi, member of the House of Representatives, who submitted a proposal in Parliament to include chess in the school curriculum, and Dr. Mona Yahya, Advisor to the Minister of Education for Physical and Military Education, for her efforts to meet the desire of the federation and the accountant, Muhammad Khallaf, head of the Western Chess region, who pulled out all the stops for. achieve this feat.

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Representative Mohamed Badrawi Awad, a member of the House of Representatives, submitted the first parliamentary proposal to Councilor Hanafi Jabali, President of the Council, to present it to the Education Committee of the Council, aimed at including and generalizing the sport of chess in the Egyptian school. school program in order to support the education development strategy for its benefits for the student, the family and society, as is the case in 80 countries around the world, I have already listed it.

The text of the proposal, of which Al-Osboa obtained a copy, indicates that the Egyptian state is interested in the development of Egyptian education and its programs because it is the basis of progress, growth and prosperity in all areas and institutions of the State. with the aim of preparing the citizen who will lead the sustainable development of the Egyptian state and live a dignified life, the development plan must be supported from this perspective. Egypt’s new education system adopts a strategy that increases students’ academic success rates. within schools, also increases intelligence rates and gives the student the ability to plan, make decisions and discover mental talents with diverse intelligences to serve the Egyptian state in sustainable development plans from the country.

Badrawi added that practicing chess in schools achieves this, pointing out that the United Nations has designated July 20 every year to celebrate World Chess Day, as it is one of the most famous mental sports , characterized by thought, culture, integrity and integrity. mutual respect, and its ability to change the behaviors and beliefs of its practitioners and lovers, and its contribution to creating an atmosphere of tolerance and understanding without any regard to language, age, or even gender, physical ability or social status. barriers of fear and anxiety and prevents Alzheimer’s disease because it stimulates brain cells and increases intelligence levels in children, and helps promote education, sustainable development, peace, cooperation, solidarity, social inclusion and health at local, regional and international levels.

Badrawi added that international statistics indicate that chess is taught and included in the core curricula of schools in around 80 countries for its positive benefits on educational and societal life, including increasing success rates and developing skills. school results. who played chess had significantly higher scores on standard tests compared to those who did not play chess, as well as increased concentration, high IQ levels, enhanced memory, perception mistakes, speed in doing the right things and time management, develops the ability to think strategically, logically and analytically and leads the student to think through each stage of his life with precision and perseverance, and to develop good and positive behaviors, self-confidence, the development of social bonds and the reduction of the phenomenon of electronic propagation. games and their negative impact on students due to incorrect use of technology.

The representative requested that this proposal be included and presented to the Committee on Education of the House of Representatives to formulate and approve it in order to support the education development strategy due to its numerous benefits for the student and the Egyptian state. After several sessions and discussions, today it was approved to spread the game of chess in various schools.

Officially, the “representatives” agree to teach chess in Egyptian schools
Statement from the Chess Federation

Officially, the “representatives” agree to teach chess in Egyptian schools

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