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Olmert: We cannot achieve victory in Gaza

Global occupation

This is according to an interview carried out on Saturday by the Official Israeli Broadcasting Company with Olmert, who served as prime minister between 2006 and 2009.

Olmert said: “The military operation in Rafah must be stopped and the faltering war in Gaza must end in order to return the kidnapped people. »

He said the fighting in Gaza “serves no interest for Israel, but rather for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and certain extremist members of his government.”

Olmert called on War Council Ministers Benny Gantz and Gadi Eisenkot to resign from the government, stressing that “there is no chance of achieving complete victory or the definitive destruction of Hamas.”

He expressed his opinion regarding the “aftermath” of the war, saying: “We must work towards the creation of a European international intervention force in Gaza in order to improve on the achievements of the Israeli army there, so that Palestinian forces can enter Gaza within the two deadlines. years in cooperation with moderate Arab countries,” as he described it.

He added that the slogan “total victory is baseless,” saying Netanyahu is using it to justify prolonging the war for personal reasons.

The former prime minister added: “If we want to repatriate kidnapped people safely, we must stop the war now. »

Regarding ongoing Israeli violations and crimes in the occupied West Bank, Olmert said: “There are actions that constitute serious crimes. »

He continued: “Palestinian houses are being burned and their properties and fields destroyed by (settler) elements whose actions are inspired by (National Security Minister Itamar) Gvir and (Finance Minister Bezalel) Smotrich. »

He continued: “All this is happening in front of the eyes of the Israeli police and security services. We turn a blind eye, we don’t look at what’s happening out there, and we don’t support any effort to prevent it. “We extend a helping hand.”

Olmert warned that these crimes would “blow up in Israel’s face before one or another international court.”

Despite the decision of the International Court of Justice yesterday Friday, the Israeli army continues to bomb Gaza, particularly the town of Rafah, in the south of the strip.

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