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Omani magazine “Culture” publishes a special issue on artificial intelligence

Omani magazine “Culture” publishes a special issue on artificial intelligence

The new eighth issue of the electronic magazine “Culture”, published by the Literary Forum of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth of the Sultanate of Oman, has been released. The issue covers a number of articles on the importance of artificial intelligence.

This issue highlights, in its core files, various discussions and opinions from an elite group of writers, thinkers and researchers on the importance of artificial intelligence. The new issue of the journal – which is published periodically – also includes a wide and rich. interactive file under the title “Combined” and includes a group of surveys, reports, articles and studies that shed light on artificial intelligence, its nature and risks, and it is an issue that is discussed by Dr. Fadia Samir Al-Sayed (an Egyptian writer and scholar), while Dr. Tariq Ziad Muhammad, an Iraqi writer and critic, discusses modern technologies and philosophical approach to teaching and learning, while as Dr. Aya Hassan Hassan discusses an article titled “On the Copyright Issue of Artificial Intelligence.” “, researcher Basema Nasser Al-Mashaykhiya from the Sultanate of Oman presents a paper titled “There is no need to worry about generative artificial intelligence with critical thinking skills.” Dr. Jamil Abbas presented a paper titled “Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights,” while Dr. Sobhi Nayel from Egypt presented a paper titled “Fears and Hopes of Artificial Intelligence,” while researcher Imad El-Din presented an article entitled “Logical Dimensions of Artificial Intelligence”, and researcher and Dr Mohamed Al-Dahi presented an article entitled “Interacting with the GBT chat program and a new horizon for interacting with artificial intelligence” , and Dr. and researcher Mahmoud Qandil presented a paper titled “Artificial Intelligence Between Past, Present and Future”, while researcher Dr. Munir Arabsh presented a paper titled “Writing the ancient history of Oman with artificial intelligence “.

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Regarding the importance of artificial intelligence, eminent thinkers and researchers from the Omani and Arab scene present a summary of their thoughts and opinions on this importance, which contributed to enrich the content of the magazine with numerous articles, start with the issue’s inaugural article written by Saeed Al-Tarshi, editor-in-chief of the magazine, in which he attempted to answer several questions about artificial intelligence and the future of humanity.

The “Task” section includes a group of dialogues with thinkers, writers and writers from within and outside the Sultanate of Oman, including a question with Ahmed Al-Saghir, winner of the Sohar Prize for critical and research studies in its second session, interviewed by writer Amina Al-Balushi from the Kingdom of Bahrain. A cultural dialogue with historian Professor Nargis Aliyeva: Cultural ties between Islamic countries and Azerbaijan, led by Moroccan researcher Al-Hassan Shahid.

The “Mosaic” section of the same issue presents a set of studies in various fields and issues, including: Ahmed Al-Farrak presented “Renouncing the culture of violence and legitimate violence between Max Weber and Jacqueline Ross”, the Dr. Ibtihal Bleibel presented a study on “The economics of social media and the formats of advertising discourse”, while the Moroccan Dr. Hassan Al-Moudin presented an article entitled “Who is the author of Nights and if Al- Tawhidi? Haider Ahmed Al-Lawati also presented the article “The method of natural sciences between logic and creativity”.

While the “Qurates” section devotes readings of books presented by: the Omani researcher and writer Fahd Al-Rahbi, readings of recent and distinguished publications from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth of the Sultanate of Oman, “pioneering publications with a solid identity,” while the Syrian writer, journalist and translator Hanan Ali presented an article entitled “The attractiveness of popular culture among… the folds of the best books.

Note that the magazine will add, in its next issues, features dealing with creative industries, sustainable human development, sport and sustainable human development.

The e-magazine is available on the official website of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth and is one of the most important regional and Arab cultural platforms that enriches Omani and Arabic digital content and contributes to the cultural movement through its complete content and renewable subjects that it presents to readers and intellectuals.

It also seeks to introduce the Omani reader to the creations of world cultures, provide data, information and experiences related to the preservation of cultural heritage, and learn about the cultural and civilizational experiences of other countries to create effective and constructive communication between Omani and Arab cultures. community, the Omani Cultural Foundation and the global cultural community.

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