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On an inspection tour… the Minister of Military Production surprises the workers of the company Banha Electronic Industries

On an inspection tour... the Minister of Military Production surprises the workers of the company Banha Electronic Industries

Engineer Mohamed Salah El-Din Mustafa, Minister of State for Military Production, paid a surprise inspection visit to the Banha Electronic Industries company (military factory 144), as part of his concern to be constantly present among the workers and to monitor the progress of the work. the production process.

The minister insisted on being present in the company as soon as the workers arrived, to monitor compliance with the work start schedule and the execution of the daily production plan.

During the tour, the Minister spoke with a number of employees of the company, in order to check their living conditions and ensure the smooth running of the production process, emphasizing his interest in the employees and his desire to develop their performance through interest in scientific research. to increase the percentage of local component and contribute to the company’s plan to localize electronic industries.

The minister emphasized his openness to listening to the various ideas, theses, visions and even requests that concern military production workers in various categories and employment levels, whether they are engineers, technicians or of administrators, which would improve the working environment, emphasizing the need for workers to commit to wearing industrial safety equipment in light of occupational safety and health procedures, in order to achieve the rates of maximum insurance for working children.

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During the tour, the minister inspected the complex of production plants, raw material warehouses and finished product warehouses, where he highlighted the effort of continuous marketing of products.

The minister also listened to the data and information presented by Engineer Tariq Al-Abbasi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company, on the executive position of the projects that the Company is implementing and the degree of commitment to the rates implementation of these projects.

In turn, the media advisor to the Minister of State for Military Production and official spokesperson of the ministry, Mohamed Eid Bakr, stressed that “Banha Electronic Industries” has production lines comparable to international production lines and includes workers trained to the highest level. , and has many technological capabilities.

Bakr explained that the minister emphasized during the visit the need to continue taking necessary measures to improve performance, apply quality standards in production operations, preserve the company’s assets and available resources and respect implementation deadlines for current projects.

“Banha Electronic Industries Company” contributes to meeting the needs of the armed forces in various electronic systems such as (high frequency and very high frequency wireless communication devices – microwaves – wireless stations – radars and the latest productions, including the Egyptian two- and three-dimensional radar – electronic stations for the disabled), as well as the exploitation of excess production capacities to serve the civil sector, as well as contribution to the implementation of the state plan aimed at supporting on clean and renewable energy sources, such as the company’s product (electronic transfers – personal computers – tablets – prepaid and smart electricity meters – energy-saving light bulbs – display screens using ultra-light LEDs – lamps pocket LED and solar powered streets – Lightning insurance and protection systems – Automated industrial process control systems and simulators – Electronic security barriers – X -RAY bag detectors – Metal detectors – Assembly on the surface of electronic components – Solar panels – TV screens with LED and LCD technology).

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