One player is dedicated to recovering deleted content from Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is undoubtedly one of Rockstar Games’ best games, with its open world and deep, poignant characters praised since its 2018 launch on PS4 and Xbox One.

Rockstar’s enormous attention to detail has been a source of admiration for many and has made its world one of the best open worlds in gaming that players can relentlessly immerse themselves in for dozens and dozens hours without feeling bored or repetitive.

Unfortunately, as is the case with many games big and small, some content is cut or removed from the final version of the game. But thanks to the PC modding community, many fans of the series have been able to find a way to restore removed additional content and allow other players to enjoy what was removed from the final version of Rockstar’s masterpiece, thereby adding more hours of gameplay to the experience.

One of the custom mods or modifications was the work of a user named Oxydine on the NexusMods site, who is famous in this field, and is titled after his impressive work “Educational dialogue restored“, where NPCs in Red Dead Redemption 2 were supposed to recognize you as a member of the Van Der Linde gang when they saw you based on your fame level, a feature that was removed from the final version of the game.

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The deleted lines of dialogue are still in the game files, so this player restored them, because the NPCs were supposed to say things like, “You’re one of the Dutch boys!” Spontaneously when you meet them or try to talk to them.

Custom mode also adds flirtatious phrases that Arthur Morgan can use about women in the game, which have been removed from the game, not to mention more taunts about what people wear in streets, alleys, etc.

There is still a lot to recover from that rate, and he is working on it because he has put his effort and time into it.

For its part, Rockstar has unfortunately decided to put aside the Red Dead Redemption 2 game without any update even to the online mode, which has achieved good sales recently, and to focus instead on the GTA series, whether online mode or the next one. part that was recently revealed.

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