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Osama Al-Azhari to Youssef Zidan: “For years, you have been presenting your ideas to simple people… so why do you want to deprive them of the debate?

Osama Al-Azhari to Youssef Zidan: “For years, you have been presenting your ideas to simple people… so why do you want to deprive them of the debate?

issued Dr. Osama Al-Azhariadvisor to the President of the Republic for religious affairs, professor of noble hadiths and its sciences at Al-Azhar University, issued a new statement on Thursday evening regarding the invitation he made earlier to hold a debate between him and members of the Takween Center.

Osama Al-Azhari…and the members of the Takween Center

The Presidential Adviser on Religious Affairs said: “Exactly three days have passed, with complete silence from the distinguished professors, members of the Center (Takween), which signifies their apologies for the debate. »

Regarding Dr. Youssef Zidan’s acceptance of his debate on the condition that he is away from the media and does not address any issues related to the Takween Center, Al-Azhari confirmed: “The great manuscript expert, Dr. Youssef Zidan, declared that he expresses his personal position and that he does not want a public debate, but rather a solitary session. Far from simple people, and what is strange is that in recent years he has presented his theses on television. simple people, so if the time comes to respond, would you want to deprive them of knowledge?

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The professor of Noble Hadith and its sciences at Al-Azhar University continued: “I respect simple people and I respect their right to know the scientific answer to what you kindly asked them. As for the individual friendly session and the exchange of visits, that. That’s a completely different question than the one we find ourselves in now, and assuming that happens, it’s no substitute for meeting thought by thought. Perhaps you will accept criticism for what you offer with open arms.

Al-Azhari reveals his next step regarding training

Al-Azhari explained the next step he intends to take, saying: “The next step is to adopt a certain number of qualified researchers, capable of conducting honest and free scientific discussions based on science, the argument, evidence and great literature. to deal with those who disagree, so that they devote themselves to discussing and criticizing all the professors’ theses. and respect those who differ.

Emphasizing: “I will also publish in the coming days several episodes recorded here on my official page of the social network Facebook in which I will discuss a number of their theses with detailed scientific criticism. »

Osama Al-Azhari… and Youssef Zidane

The Advisor to the President of the Republic for Religious Affairs praised journalist writer Hamdi Rizk for what he described as a sober and balanced article written by Rizk, entitled (Between Al-Azhari and Zidane), published in the issue today’s Al-Masry Al-Youm, saying: “I appreciate every word.”

Al-Azhari concluded his statement: “O God, protect Egypt, its honorable people, its great army, its president, its institutions and all its honorable sons, Muslims and Christians, from all evil, and inspire us all to wisdom and righteousness. , and enlighten our mind and our path, and grant us guidance and success in the explanation of truth, goodness and guidance, and grant us useful knowledge with which we confront suspicions and illusions. »

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