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Parliamentarian reveals the most important recommendations from the meeting of smart transport companies “Video” 2024 - drweud
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Parliamentarian reveals the most important recommendations from the meeting of smart transport companies “Video”

Parliamentarian reveals the most important recommendations from the meeting of smart transport companies “Video”

Representative Ahmed Badawy, Chairman of the Committee on Communications and Technology

Meeting of intelligent transport companiesRepresentative Ahmed Badawi, Chairman of the Committee on Communications and Information Technology in the House of Representatives, revealed the most important recommendations issued during the Egyptian government’s meeting with Uber representatives and heads of the Regulatory Authority for internal and international land transport and the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority. Authority, stressing that the meeting lasted 4 hours.

Representative Ahmed Badawi explained, during his interview with the program “Al-Hayat Al-Youm”, on the “Al-Hayat” channel, with media personality “Lubna Assal”: “After this meeting, we were able to propose decisions and recommendations that the government is committed to implementing.

He pointed out that all smart transportation companies have made a mistake in the past period, because in addition to the increase in complaints, they should have developed the application, measured the quality and the safety button, emphasizing that the Egyptian state welcomes the encouragement. investments, particularly in the information technology sector.

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Recommendations from the Smart Transport Business Meeting

The Chair of the Communications and Information Technology Committee summarized the recommendations approved by the meeting as follows:

– Carry out periodic drug and alcohol analysis regularly every 6 months and randomly every month, and it must be carried out in the central laboratories of the Ministry of Health and monitored by the Ministry of Transport.

– The existence of a database linking the intelligent transport companies of the Ministry of Transport and Communications to the intelligent transport sector of the ministry.

– Using the panic button, he explained here that 64% of Egyptians use smart transportation, pointing out that Uber has 270,000 cars.

– Force the government to provide all means of security to citizens by following the route using cameras.

– Audio recording of the trip, so that it is linked to the main operations room of the company and the Ministry of Transport.

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