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Planning Minister reviews education sector targets in Senate plan for next financial year

Planning Minister reviews education sector targets in Senate plan for next financial year

Ahmed Abou Saleh

Today, Dr. Hala Al-Saeed, Minister of Planning and Economic Development, discussed the draft law on the economic and social development plan for the financial year 24/2025, during the Senate committee meeting of financial, economic and investment affairs, led by Advisor Abdel-Wahab Abdel-Razek, President of the Senate, and in the presence of Dr Ahmed Kamali, Deputy Minister of Planning and Economic Development, with the participation of members of the Advice.

During her discussion, Dr. Hala Al-Saeed reviewed the determinants of the plan for the financial year 2025/24 for the pre-university education sector, which includes ensuring the availability and quality of pre-college education services by expanding the availability of schools. for exceptional students and applied schools to cover a greater number of governorates, expanding partnerships with the private sector and directing… Investments to create new classrooms to solve the problem of densities, especially in high density governorates, with investments oriented towards basic education teaching schools (Giza, Beheira, Fayoum, Cairo, Alexandria), with the importance of providing the necessary maintenance allocations within the budget general of the state, and to pay increasing attention to qualified schools to obtain quality. the importance of developing an ambitious and serious plan to reduce illiteracy rates by focusing on the governorates of Upper Egypt (Minya, Assiut, Fayoum, Sohag, Qena), and by committing to appoint 150,000 teachers to ensure the quality of education and its efficient operation of new schools, especially in the basic education and concentration cycles. In priority governorates (Giza, Beheira, Fayoum, Cairo, Alexandria).

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Al-Saeed highlighted the goal of reducing class density in high-rate governorates, especially at the primary education level (53 students/class), explaining that he aims to reach 30 students/class. here 2030.

Regarding the most important objectives of pre-university education during the period 2025/24, Al-Saeed indicated the creation of 16,000 new classrooms, the development and rehabilitation of 3,500 existing schools, as well as the replacement and the renovation of 13,000 classrooms (demolition and reconstruction). The objectives of the new financial year for the technical education sector also include the implementation of skills and the establishment of 18 schools of applied technology, the creation of a thousand new classrooms, the replacement and renovation of 1,083,000 classrooms and the development and rehabilitation of 200 existing schools.

Regarding higher education, the Minister of Planning explained that last year saw an expansion in the creation of a number of universities and private universities, and she went on to speak determinants of the plan for the next financial year, including the increase in the number of students. competitiveness of higher education by developing a set of investment incentives encouraging the private sector to invest in the creation of more private universities, including achieving high availability rates in public universities and private, increasing interest in projects aimed at qualifying Egyptian public universities to obtain quality and quality. increase international competitiveness, by completing the expansion of the creation of technological universities to cover a greater number of governorates in partnership with the private sector, aiming at an increase in the number of international students, Increase exports of educational services, benefiting from the notable expansion in private, technological and international universities.

Al-Saeed also highlighted the higher education goals in the plan for the next financial year, which include the completion of educational building, university town and civil defense projects in 27 public universities, expansion of workshops and laboratories in 9 technological universities, the completion of electronics. testing in Egyptian universities and carrying out studies and research on the reference genome for Egyptians.

Dr. Hala Al-Saeed stressed the importance of linking higher education results to the labor market, highlighting the expansion of the establishment of technological universities, which is expected to reach 19 universities in the period from 21/ 22 to 26/2027. , with a coverage rate of 67% at the governorate level. Recalling the indicators of the current situation 23/2024, which includes 9 technological universities with a coverage rate of 33% at the governorate level.

Planning Minister reviews education sector targets in Senate plan for next financial year

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