PlayStation advertising shows Sony’s seriousness in entering the mobile games market

No one can deny that the smartphone gaming market is one of the strongest and most mature markets, and Sony is constantly trying to enter this world, focusing on the challenges and opportunities it faces.

Companies like HoYoverse have proven that gaming can transcend consoles, with games like Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail achieving huge success on PS5, PC, and mobile. While PlayStation has been trying to create a smartphone branch within its business for years, it acquired developer Neon Koi and underwent some management changes. But we have yet to see the fruits of his efforts.

reveal Function declaration A software engineer for the mobile platform recently discovered that Sony is still very committed to this project and is actively looking for someone who can lead the development of the infrastructure that will allow it to better develop, release and run for free. -play mobile games. While it’s difficult to get much information from a job posting, it appears that the successful candidate will build internal tools to simplify management of the catalog of mobile games offered by PlayStation.

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Sony profits to $675 million a year by moving its games to other platforms

Ultimately, this means that the company is still committed to the idea of ​​making games for smartphones, and this makes sense, as mobile accounts for a large portion of the gaming industry’s revenue today, and With the range of smartphones currently available, there’s no real reason why Sony wouldn’t be able to develop for the PlayStation 5 and mobile platforms, just like many Chinese and Korean development companies are doing. But ultimately, for this strategy to actually work, it needs to release a few games.

Sony’s plan to enter the smartphone gaming market

  • Sony displays a strong desire to succeed in the mobile gaming market, inspired by the success of companies like HoYoverse.
  • Despite its efforts, Sony has yet to release any successful mobile games.
  • Sony is focused on developing the infrastructure needed to support free-to-play mobile games, with an emphasis on simplifying game catalog management.
  • Sony recognizes that the mobile games market is booming and highlights the potential for developing high-quality games using modern smartphone technologies.
  • Sony’s success in this area depends on releasing attractive games that satisfy the desires of smartphone gamers.

Overall, Sony’s attempt at the mobile gaming market seems serious, highlighting the importance of releasing successful games to ensure success.

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