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PlayStation Studio London Studio says goodbye to its fans... 2024 - drweud

PlayStation Studio London Studio says goodbye to its fans…

Sony recently announced the closure of PlayStation London Studio, which oversaw the development of many titles under the brand’s umbrella, and the cancellation of one of its projects. Today, via the studio’s official account on the X platform, the last message from the account was tweeted before the studio and its accounts on social media platforms were shut down.

entered the post office the following:

“For over twenty years, London Studio has been home to exceptionally talented and brilliant people in the games industry. As we all close the doors and head out on new adventures, we wanted to say a huge thank you to all the players and teammates past and present who have supported us over the years. We had a wild and wonderful trip.

PlayStation Studio London Studio says goodbye to its fans...

History of PlayStation Studio London Studio

Founded in 1993, London Studio is a popular video game developer under the PlayStation Studios umbrella. With its rich history and many critically acclaimed games, the studio has played a central role in the development of the PlayStation brand.

  • Establishment: 1993
  • the site: London, England
  • mother Society: PlayStation Studios
  • Notable games: Wipeout series, The Getaway series, EyeToy series, SingStar series, Wonderbook series, Blood & Truth, PlayStation VR Worlds

London Studio is known for its pioneering works in various genres, including:

  • Groceries: Known for its futuristic anti-gravity races, the Wipeout series has received rave reviews and a loyal fan base.
  • Action adventures: The Getaway series, with its open-ended, action-packed gameplay and cinematic storytelling, pushed the boundaries of the genre on PlayStation 2.
  • Casual games: The EyeToy and SingStar series have brought innovative motion control and music-based experiences to a wider audience.
  • Virtual reality: PlayStation VR Worlds showcased the potential of virtual reality gaming through diverse and immersive experiences.
  • Blood and Truth game: This PlayStation VR action game immerses players in a London underworld filled with fiery showdowns and cinematic action.

We can only say goodbye to one of the best teams we have known in several years, alongside the PlayStation brand, and we wish the team all the best and success in their work and their future individual directions .

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