PS Plus Premium and Game Pass subscribers can get one of Rockstar’s classic games

PS Plus Premium subscribers could get a beloved classic from Rockstar Games sometime in 2024, if these leaks are true.

Someone on the Red Dead Redemption website found background updates on the site that included links mentioning the RDR1 game for PS Plus Premium and Xbox Game Pass. In other words, RDR1 could join the list of PS Plus Premium games for the year 2024.

The links mentioned were found by a Reddit user named Timtendo12He also provided a screenshot proving what he found. However, some speculation suggests that these links may have been put into storage. Regardless, there is some confusion about adding RDR1 to the PS Plus Premium package.

Rockstar re-released RDR1 for PS4 in August 2023, accompanied by the Undead Nightmare add-on for the hefty price of $50. This action led to backlash as the release was seen as simply a ported version of the PS3 game rather than a full re-release.

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It’s worth noting that RDR1 was only available to PS4 and PS5 users last year due to the lack of pre-compatibility with PS3 games. At the same time, Xbox users continued to access the classic game without any problems. If this leak is true, we’ll likely see the PS4 version added to the Premium package alongside the Xbox Game Pass version, as happened earlier with The Last of Us Remastered on PS4. It’s also possible that the original version of the game will be available via PS3 streaming media in the PS Plus Premium package.

All of this remains just expectations based on this exploration that someone may have carried out, and in the end it may be nothing.

It is worth noting that Rockstar has added Red Dead Redemption 2 to the PS Plus Extra and Premium game library, where the game is now available through the aforementioned service.

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