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Qena Governor Orders Rapid Review of Citizens’ Complaints and Requests for Assistance

Qena Governor Orders Rapid Review of Citizens' Complaints and Requests for Assistance

Omar Tantaoui

Major General Ashraf Al-Daoudi, Governor of Qena, Dr. Hazem Omar, Deputy Governor, and Mohamed Salah Abu Kreisha, Deputy Secretary General of the governorate, received a number of citizens in their offices, to discuss their complaints and their work. find appropriate solutions in coordination with the authorities concerned by these complaints. This is part of the Qena Governor’s desire to communicate directly with citizens, respond to their needs and alleviate their suffering, with the aim of improving the level of services. provided to them and consolidate the bonds of trust between citizens and the government.

Omar Abdel Baqi, official spokesperson for Qena Governorate, said that the Governor of Qena received citizens from different centers of the governorate and held individual meetings with each citizen separately, in order to maintain the confidentiality of the content of the complaints. were examined, the conditions of examination were met and they were immediately sent to the various competent authorities for them to decide and develop appropriate solutions to achieve the interest of the citizen, and without prejudice to regulations and laws.

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The Qena Governor ordered officials to promptly review complaints and requests from citizens regarding requests for solidarity and dignity aid or pension paid to the most well-cared-for citizens, in continuation of the state’s efforts in matters of social protection and support for the poor and the most advantaged. supported families, emphasizing that all local government agencies decide and eliminate the causes of complaints addressed to it in record time, which has contributed to improving completion rates and developing performance levels in resolution Complaints.

Qena Governor Orders Rapid Review of Citizens' Complaints and Requests for Assistance

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Source: Egypt's compliance with its treaties does not prevent it from using all scenarios to preserve its national security
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