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Reactions follow International Justice Department's decision to immediately stop Israeli attack on Palestinian Rafah 2024 - drweud
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Reactions follow International Justice Department’s decision to immediately stop Israeli attack on Palestinian Rafah

Reactions follow International Justice Department's decision to immediately stop Israeli attack on Palestinian Rafah

Reactions continued following Friday’s ruling by the International Court of Justice, which ordered Israel to immediately cease its military attack and other actions against Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip.

The Arab group at the UN Security Council welcomed the decisions taken by the International Court of Justice and the precautionary decisions it requested from the Israeli occupation authority, including the cessation of military operations in the city Palestinian from Rafah.

The Palestinian representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Riyad Mansour, speaking on behalf of the Arab group, said: “We welcome the decision of the International Court of Justice to compel Israel to end its aggression against the city Palestinian Authority of Rafah and to open the crossing points. for humanitarian aid,” noting that there are provisional rulings from the court that have also demanded the cessation of all military operations in the Gaza Strip, describing them as a threat to the lives of Palestinian civilians throughout the Strip.

He stressed that the court demanded the opening of the crossings and the entry of aid in the required size, as well as addressing the forced displacement of 800,000 Palestinians from the Rafah areas to other locations, or forced displacement throughout the Gaza Strip.

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The Arab group announced that it would add its voice to that of the Court, emphasizing the need for Israel to respect the decisions of the International Court of Justice as they are binding on all parties under the guise of fighting the crime of genocide.

In conclusion, the Arab Group thanked the State of South Africa, which requested the imposition of more prudent decisions to protect the Palestinian people from this collective war, as well as all the countries that supported its request, stressing that He will continue to work in New York, within the Security Council and the General Assembly, to ensure the implementation of all these decisions.

In turn, the Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council, Jassim Mohammed Al-Budaiwi, welcomed today’s decision by the International Court of Justice.

Al-Budaiwi said – in a statement released today by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) – that this decision issued by the highest judicial body of the United Nations reflects the international community’s commitment to law and international justice and strengthens the protection of rights. of the Palestinian people.

The Secretary-General affirmed the full support of the GCC countries for the Palestinian people in their legitimate struggle to obtain their legitimate rights and establish their State, calling – at the same time – the international community and all its organizations and institutions to put pressure on the forces of Israeli occupation, to take the necessary measures to ensure that they respect these resolutions and put an end to their hostile and brutal actions against the Palestinian people.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia also welcomed the decision of the International Court of Justice ordering Israel to immediately stop the military attack or any other action in the city of Rafah, based on the Convention for the Prevention and repression of the crime of genocide.

The Saudi Foreign Ministry said – in a statement released today by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) – “The Kingdom appreciates this decision, which constitutes a positive step towards the moral and legal rights of the Palestinian people, but at the same time he underlines the importance of international resolutions covering all Palestinian regions in accordance with the legitimacy decisions of the competent international organizations, renewing his call to the international community to assume its responsibilities to put an end to all forms of aggression against the people Palestinian brother.

In turn, the Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Affairs welcomed the “unprecedented” decision of the International Court of Justice, which demands that Israel immediately stop its military attack on Rafah, as well as the measures that would cause the destruction of the Palestinians.

The ministry’s official spokesperson, Ambassador Sufyan Al-Qudah, stressed “the need to implement this resolution, which represents the international will calling for an end to this raging war of aggression and unrelenting suffering. precedent and the humanitarian catastrophe it engenders, which has exceeded all rules. international law, international humanitarian law and humanitarian and moral values.

The judges emphasized – in today’s declaration – the need for Israel to respect the rules of international law, international humanitarian law and the international will calling for an end to the war, and the need for the Council to security to assume its responsibilities without delay, put an end to continued Israeli violations of international law and impose its application without selectivity or duplicity in its implementation.

The judges warned that Israel would continue to commit crimes against the brotherly Palestinian people in Gaza, stressing the need to facilitate the entry of sufficient and sustainable humanitarian aid into all parts of the Gaza Strip, without obstacles or hindrances. , and to ensure that the Rafah crossing remains open for the entry of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip.

The Jordanian spokesperson reiterated the importance of implementing what was stated in the court’s decision in terms of taking effective measures to ensure that the commissions of inquiry and inquiry delegated by UN agencies carry out their tasks of investigating the crimes of genocide, without obstacles, in addition to Israel submitting a report to the court on its compliance with the temporary measures.

On the other hand, the coordinator of Foreign Affairs of the European Union, Josep Borrell, declared that the Union must determine its position on the decision of the International Court of Justice to stop the Israeli attack against Rafah.

Borrell added – in a speech he delivered at an event in the Italian city of Florence, according to the Euronews news network: “The Union faces a difficult choice between its support for the state of law and his support for Israel after the International Court of Justice. The court’s decision. Let’s see what measures the European Union will take regarding the international justice decision handed down today, what will be our position?

He continued: “We will have to choose between our support for international institutions and the rule of law, or our support for Israel, and it will be very difficult to reconcile the two issues.”

Borrell also admitted that the EU’s decision-making process regarding its response to the war in Gaza had been very slow due to deep differences between EU capitals’ positions on the conflict – a reference to countries like Hungary who have obstructed key EU decisions. initiatives in response to the war, including the imposition of sanctions against… Violent Israeli settlers.

He called for a change in the EU’s foreign policy decision-making processes, which he said would require unanimous support from all 27 leaders.

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