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Reasons for the fall in prices of building materials. House member explains “video” 2024 - drweud
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Reasons for the fall in prices of building materials. House member explains “video”

Reasons for the fall in prices of building materials.  House member explains “video”

Kamal El-Desouki, board member of the Federation of Egyptian Industries and the Chamber of Construction Materials, revealed the reasons for the recent decline in construction materials in the local market and the overall effects on the construction materials market. prices in Egypt. .

Al-Desouki said during his meeting with journalist Rasha Magdy and journalist Obaida Amir as part of the program “Sabah Al-Balad” broadcast on the Sada Al-Balad channel, that there is logic in the pricing operations, which is that of supply and demand. which affects the rate of rise or fall of prices in the local market. When there is a balance between supply and demand, there is price stability in general.

A member of the Chamber of Building Materials added that iron prices have increased over time due to the increase in billet ore, which is used in the iron industry, as it is one of the components imported in dollars from abroad.

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Kamal Al-Desouki explained that the drop in the price of iron during the current period is due to the process of exchange liberalization and the dollar which reached the level of 46 pounds against the Egyptian pound in local exchange companies , after he was not present. and unavailable in the local market, and therefore some people resorted to illegal methods of handling the raw materials involved in the industry.

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