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Red Sea hotels and resorts celebrate International Human Resources Day

Red Sea hotels and resorts celebrate International Human Resources Day

Celebration of World Human Resources Day in Hurghada

In a grand celebration amid the happiness of tourism sector workers, Red Sea resorts and hotels celebrated World Human Resources Day, honoring human resource workers and distributing gifts to them.

Mr. Boris Borman, General Director of one of the famous Red Sea tourist resorts, emphasized that it is important for the employee to find someone who appreciates him and thanks him for all the efforts he makes in the sector, as a field worker. of tourism works in the spirit of one team to provide a product that achieves satisfaction and acceptance of tourists and guests.

Walid Mohi, director of one of the Red Sea tourist resorts, highlighted that the world today celebrates the human resource sector with appreciation and gratitude for the role it plays in selecting trained personnel with great experience and successively refining the skills of workers. especially since the treatment of guests by employees and workers plays an effective role in increasing tourism activity rates.

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She added. Dalia Jad Al-Ajaimi, executive director of the administration, said that the tourism sector is one that does not accept experimentation. Dealing with guests and tourists makes an impression on the tourist from the first minutes, so that the guest initially feels safe. , to the feeling of being at home and among his family, who works very hard to make them happy, comfortable and entertained.

Mohamed Al-Sayed, director of human resources at one of the Red Sea resorts, confirmed that he was happy to designate a day in which the tourism sector celebrates those who work in human resources, because they have important responsibilities that contribute greatly to the revitalization of tourism. movement.

Dr. Iman Bakri, director of training in one of the tourist resorts of Hurghada, added that upgrading the skills of workers and employees, good selection and continuous training

This resulted in a significantly higher employee satisfaction rate and management applied an open door policy while actively listening to all its employees.

Dalia Al-Ajaimi pointed out that hotels adopt a unique team policy, which is one of the secrets of the organization’s success, which is to take care of employees and make them happy, and therefore this is reflected in customers. She also stressed the importance. to attract highly qualified workers who correspond to the standards of the international company and that the human resources management of all its employees adopts the same approach, making it a distinguished department capable of generating an increase in occupancy rates and to reach 30 million tourists per year.

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