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Reveal the identity of Raïssi and Soleimani. What is the secret of the rings worn by Iranian leaders?

Reveal the identity of Raïssi and Soleimani.  What is the secret of the rings worn by Iranian leaders?

Ibrahim Raïssi.. Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi’s helicopter was involved in an accident that cost him his life, and amid the chaos and destruction, finding the president’s ring, which bore a distinctive inscription, was the main way to identify him .

A video published Monday by Iranian media shows the moment when the ring of the late Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi was found, which Iranian leader Ali Khamenei allegedly gave him as a gift, according to Iranian sources.

This incident highlights the continued importance of rings as a means of identifying leaders at critical moments, particularly in a religiously inclined country like Iran.

In Iran, rings hold great importance, especially among religious and political leaders, and are often made of agate or turquoise. They are considered religious and spiritual symbols, and these stones are believed to have spiritual properties, such as protection from evil and blessing. good luck.

Politically, wearing rings reflects adherence to religious traditions and Islamic values. Iranian leaders often wear these rings as a symbol of authority and piety, which enhances their credibility and influence in society. and public identity.

These rings were not just aesthetic pieces that showed status and power, but rather they carried deep meanings and served many practical functions.

In the event of war or disaster, identification of leaders’ bodies may be difficult due to deformations or critical circumstances, hence the importance of rings, which bear special inscriptions or distinctive logos that allow rapid identification and precise identity of the person.

Many historical accounts show the important role of rings in identifying rulers. In the Middle Ages, knights and nobles wore special rings bearing their family’s coat of arms.

If they fell in battle, these rings would help return their bodies to their families with dignity.

Another example that highlights the importance of the rings is the assassination of Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani in Iraq.

After the air attack which targeted his convoy in Baghdad, his body could be identified thanks to the ring he wore. This ring, recognizable and distinctive, helped quickly confirm Soleimani’s identity amid the devastation.

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