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Revise each topic and stay focused. Important Tips for High School Students in 2024 2024 - drweud
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Revise each topic and stay focused. Important Tips for High School Students in 2024

Revise each topic and stay focused.  Important Tips for High School Students in 2024

As high school exams approach, many high school students are preparing for the start of exams and knowing the best tips that can help them during this time.

Dr. Tamer Shawky, expert and professor of psychology at the Faculty of Education of Ain Shams University, gave important advice to high school students 15 days before high school exams.

Important Tips Before High School Exams

– Continue to focus, invest your time in studying and revising, and stay away from all distractions, whether technological or social.

– You should have finished studying and reviewing most, if not all, of the material at least once.

– Do not waste your time collecting and acquiring information for new lessons for the first time, because the allotted time for this has expired, and now is the time to revise and take exams (because studying these lessons currently will consume your revision time for the various courses).

– In subjects that include different branches, such as Arabic language, focus on the branches for which higher grades are awarded.

– Plan your time to solve the exams and have your solution to the questions sent to you in order to resume the study of the lessons for which you did not answer the questions.

– Read the concept booklets in the different academic subjects very carefully in order to familiarize yourself with their contents, which will facilitate your use in exams and also identify other concepts that might not be included in them so that you can memorize them well. .

When practicing exam questions, focus on why a certain answer is correct and why other answers are wrong.

– Use your solution to multiple choice questions to solve essay questions and vice versa. What is important is the idea behind each question, regardless of the type of question itself.

Don’t limit yourself to solving questions from a source that only includes easy or simple questions. Instead, you should diversify the sources of questions, even if some of them are difficult.

– As long as you are trained and know how to answer a specific question, there is no need to repeat the answer if you encounter it in a source, book or other platform.

– Do not make it easy to solve a difficult question and look directly at the model answer or look at the book. Think about it carefully until you reach the answer you consider correct, then compare it with the model answers, like this. will make it more anchored in your memory.

By solving questions from various sources, identify the most frequent topics in terms of question frequency in various exams and focus on them as they are more likely to appear in new exams as they express central topics of the syllabus .

– Remember to review each subject, even just reading, before exams, so that its information is sharpened in your memory and you remember some of its details that you may have forgotten.

– Remember to practice answering essay questions and holding a pen as rehearsal for exams, so you can focus on the essential ideas, steps and answers to the question without unnecessary details.

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