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Save girl who tried to end her life with 50 deadly pills in lake 2024 - drweud
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Save girl who tried to end her life with 50 deadly pills in lake

Save girl who tried to end her life with 50 deadly pills in lake


Imad Ismail

A hospital in Gharbia governorate welcomed a 24-year-old girl suffering from a third-degree electrical block of the cardiac plexus after taking 50 tablets of a toxic and deadly drug to commit suicide.

She was treated immediately and given two vials, an ampoule and Digibind, which is the medicine treating the poisoning along with the medicine the girl had taken. One bulb was in Tanta hospital and the other in Kafr al-. Dawwar General Hospital, based on the communication that took place between Beheira and Gharbia governorates, based on the coordination of disaster and crisis management within the ministry.

Thanks to the rapid response and administration of the drug, his condition improved significantly despite his initial poor health. The condition was monitored until it completely improved and she was discharged from the hospital after about three days from the poison control center affiliated with Tanta University Hospitals. .

For his part, Dr. Hani Jumaa, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Beheira, praised the efforts and success of the medical team involved in the rescue of this young girl, as well as the speed of the medical procedures that took place. allowed to save her, emphasizing that this is part of the state’s interest in developing the health and treatment system in order to provide distinguished medical services.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation for the disaster and crisis management of the Ministry, as well as the medical team of Gharbia Governorate, as well as the medical team of Beheira Governorate, in appreciating their efforts and great role in providing quality assistance. a medical service worthy of the citizen, with emphasis on overcoming obstacles to critical and emergency cases, in order to provide a good medical service that suits them as an Egyptian citizen.

It is worth noting that the drug used in the treatment, Digibind, is only available in very limited quantities throughout the country, as it is expensive and the price of one ampoule is 125,000 pounds, and it is difficult to provide it in private markets, and no one can provide it except the Ministry of Health, so the ministry strives to provide it to these emergency people and circumstances.

Save girl who tried to end her life with 50 deadly pills in lake

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