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Scandalous videos.. Postponement of the first trials of Engy Hamada and Karawan Problems 2024 - drweud
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Scandalous videos.. Postponement of the first trials of Engy Hamada and Karawan Problems

Scandalous videos.. Postponement of the first trials of Engy Hamada and Karawan Problems

Today, Sunday, the Economic Criminal Court postponed the first session of the trial of Samah Mustafa, known as Angie Hamada, and Karwan Mashaqal, accused of publishing indecent videos, to the session of June 2 in the presence of accused.

Engy Hamada was arrested for posting indecent videos and inciting immoral acts with TikTok as the issue.

The public prosecutor had ordered the arrest and prosecution of the TikToker, accused of having published video clips inciting immorality and debauchery, violating societal values, and publishing indecent video clips and inciting immoral acts, in collaboration with Engy Hamadeh.

The Tik Toker, crown prince, made detailed confessions, accusing him of inciting debauchery and immorality, in collaboration with the accused, Angie Hamada, currently incarcerated pending investigation.

“Ishaq” said that he dreamed of fame and fame since his childhood, and after the spread of the “Tik Tok” application, he decided to post videos of himself and after achieving great fame , he contacted the second accused to make videos in order to make financial profits.

Karawan continued: “We agreed to make a video and make subscribers believe that it was Angie who paid the money and invited many people, then we filmed the video of the kitchen, which caused the issue.”

The accused denied that he married Engy Hamada and that what filmed the kitchen video was his mother, while she was with him in Engy Hamada’s apartment, and that he only got 50 000 pounds sterling thanks to videos posted on his TikTok page.

Angie Hamada, the unknown presenter and partner of Karwan Problems, said she was at home filming a live music video and was surprised by someone knocking on the door of the house, and when She saw someone knocking on the door because of the cameras, she saw people, so she went to ask them and they told her they were part of the investigations and they asked her to come with them.

Karawan’s partner, Shashala, continued her confession. I knew they wanted me to go with them because of the video I filmed with Karwan Shashala, because he was making a lot of noise and people were talking about him, and at that point I have done. I became hysterical and ran to the kitchen and made myself uncomfortable, but then they broke down the door and came in and took me to the medical center and then management took me.

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