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Security source: Start of admission tests for the tenth promotion of security assistants, reserved for men

Security source: Start of admission tests for the tenth promotion of security assistants, reserved for men

A high-ranking security source announced the start of admission tests for the tenth class of holders of the general preparatory certificate or equivalent, who wish to join security assistant institutes reserved for men.

The security source explained today Saturday that the admission tests have started, from today, at the headquarters of the police training institutes affiliated to the training sector, namely the Institute of Security Assistants Tora, in the governorates of Cairo, Qalyubiya and North Sinai. , South Sinai, Port Said, Suez, Ismailia, Sharqia and Dakahlia, and the Institute of Security Assistants of Beheira (entrance to the city of Wadi El-Natroun, in the governorates of Alexandria, Beheira, Menoufia, Kafr El -Sheikh, Matrouh, Gharbia and outside the Republic, and the Institute for the Rehabilitation of Individuals in Sohag (Sohag city, Al-Kawthar district), in the governorates of Assiut, Sohag, Qena and Aswan, New Valley, Luxor and the Institute of Security Assistants, October 6, Al-Wahat road, in the governorates of Giza, Fayoum, Beni Suef and Minya.

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On May 12, the Ministry of Interior announced the approval of Major General Mahmoud Tawfiq, Minister of Interior, to accept a new batch (the tenth) of holders of a general preparatory certificate or its equivalent, for those who wish to apply to succeed. the admission tests to security assistant institutes, for men who pass the prescribed tests, apply to them.

The ministry explained – during a press conference held in the training sector – that the candidate must be of Egyptian nationality, whose parents hold Egyptian nationality other than by naturalization, and that the age must not be under 19 years old nor over 25 years old. years from the date of opening of applications to join security assistant institutes. He must hold a certificate of preparatory studies or its equivalent, have good conduct and a good reputation, and not have been previously sentenced to a criminal sentence or released. – restrict the punishment for a crime which damages honor or trust, or which causes him to lose confidence and esteem “unless his reputation has been restored”.

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It added that the candidate must not have been dismissed from the civil service, the public sector or the business sector, by a decision or a final disciplinary decision, unless at least four years have passed since its issuance , and must not have been previously licensed from any of the security assistant institutes or from any college or other institute for any reason, and must meet the health fitness requirements, which are determined by the board medical specialist of the police, and must also pass the personality and physical fitness test, which is determined in accordance with the ministerial decree relating to the internal regulations of security assistant institutes.

Among the conditions also include that the height of the applicant must not be less than 170 cm, that he must not be a conscript in the armed forces, nor attached to the service of the police or any other public body, and that he must not be married or have ever been married.

Regarding the benefits granted to the candidates, the Ministry of the Interior indicated that they include the State covering the expenses of education, training, subsistence and the value of the training clothes of the students during their studies at the institute, while the student receives a monthly stipend for the duration of his studies. period of study, and is entitled to benefit from health services, in accordance with the rules of health insurance for students during the period of study, and to benefit from the therapeutic system in accordance with the rules established by the Police Authority after graduation.

She explained that registration requests will be made via the official website of the Ministry of the Interior on the Internet, “” (Security Assistant Services), from Saturday May 18 until Thursday June 27. all applicants for joining security assistant institutes process only through the official website of the ministry or by visiting only the announced institutes.

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