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Sharqia Governor Inspects Technical Diploma Examination Boards in Zagazig Schools 2024 - drweud
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Sharqia Governor Inspects Technical Diploma Examination Boards in Zagazig Schools

Sharqia Governor Inspects Technical Diploma Examination Boards in Zagazig Schools

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Mahmoud Al-Warwari

Dr. Mamdouh Ghorab, Governor of Sharqia, stressed the need to respect all instructions and controls to take the exams, ensure the calm of students inside the exam boards and prevent the entry of phones laptops and smart devices to ensure the smooth running of exams. wishing his students excellence and success.

This happened during his inspection of the technical diploma examination boards for the 2023/2024 academic year at the Zagazig Military Agricultural Secondary School, the three-year system, affiliated to the East Zagazig Educational Administration , which includes 23 examination boards which welcome 493 students. students to take the exam in the subject of Arabic language, in the presence of engineer Ali Abdel Raouf, agent of the Ministry of Education, Mr. Amin Mansour, director of the Eastern administration, and Mr. Jamal Gharib, director of Zagazig West. Educational Administration.

The governor reassured students about the standard of the exam and whether they had any complaints during the exam, noting that the exam boards were equipped with adequate lighting, fans and coolers to overcome the heat the air and provide an alternative source of electricity for students. avoid it being interrupted at any time so as not to affect the exam process and create a calm atmosphere. It allows students to pass exams easily.

The Governor of Sharqia decided to inspect the examination boards of Zagazig Girls’ Industrial School No. 1, affiliated to the Zagazig West Educational Administration, which includes 18 boards that can accommodate 346 female students to take the exam . He confirmed that coordination had been established with. the Security Directorate to station security forces for examination boards, as well as coordinating with the Ambulance Service to station ambulances in front of schools to deal with any emergency situations and provide first aid required.

The governor expressed his sincere wishes for luck and success to his students, men and women, in obtaining the highest grades and accessing advanced positions at the level of the republic.

It is noted that the total number of students applying for the Technical Diploma examinations for the 2023/2024 academic year, which started today, Saturday, May 25, 2024, and continues until Thursday, June 6, 2024, in all types (commercial – industrial – agricultural – alternation of education and training) amounts to 60,393 students and girls, distributed among 26,719 students and girls of the industrial technical high school taking the exam within 86 commissions, 4 326 students from the agricultural high school taking the exam within 19 commissions, 27,682 students from the commercial secondary school taking the exam within 97 commissions, and 1,666 students in work-study training taking the exam within of 6 commissions, with a total of 208 commissions at the 20 educational level. administration in various centers and towns of the governorate.

Sharqia Governor Inspects Technical Diploma Examination Boards in Zagazig Schools

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