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Sheikh Osama Al-Azhari calls for a debate with the founders of the “Takween Center” to refute their suspicions about the “Sunnah of the Prophet” 2024 - drweud
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Sheikh Osama Al-Azhari calls for a debate with the founders of the “Takween Center” to refute their suspicions about the “Sunnah of the Prophet”

Sheikh Osama Al-Azhari, Advisor to the President of the Republic on Religious Affairs, issued a statement in which he affirmed that he is ready to debate and refute the claims and ideas of the founders of the “Takween Center”, which sparked controversy. recently.

Sheikh Osama Al-Azhari also called for volunteers from Al-Azhar, under certain conditions, to study the allegations of the founders of the “Supply Center” for a whole year, to respond to them in a sober and scientific manner, and to confront argument by argument and thought by thought. Sheikh Osama Al-Azhari’s statement contained several fundamental points, which he summarized below.

1- The pretension of limiting oneself to the Holy Quran and denying the honorable Sunnah, which is one of the constants, harms me and all the jealous followers with me, just as it harms my Christian brothers by pretending to limit oneself to the Holy Quran. Gospel only and denying the ecclesial tradition through which all Christian rituals were transmitted.

Al-Azhar Al-Sharif will always and forever remain a protector of the sciences of Islam, capable of boldly and boldly engaging in debate with all forms of extremism, whether religious extremism which adopts the rhetoric of terrorism, or counter-extremism. who questions the constants, attacks the honorable Sunnah, insults the honorable companions and puts forward dozens of theses. The confusing issue that needs to be discussed in a wise and balanced scientific discussion will restore confidence to all the Egyptian people and all those who follow this. scene across the world.

Al-Azhar will remain in its exalted position, and I exempt the venerable institution of Al-Azhar from engaging in this controversy, so that it remains on its honorable path on the religious, national, scientific and humanitarian levels in the hands of his Grand Imam, Sheikh. of Al-Azhar, but I will face all this controversy alone, as one of the sons of Al-Azhar.

2- I have followed with concentration, patience and intense reverie everything that has been published recently about the “Takween” Center, and all the noise, controversy and discussion that has arisen around it, and I have committed to completely cease commenting on any word, so that I could familiarize myself with all that was presented with patience and contemplation, and consider the consequences and results. Even when I spoke, it was wise and balanced.

In January 2015 AD, I discussed alone with a group consisting of Mr. Ibrahim Issa, Dr. Jaber Asfour, former Minister of Culture, may God have mercy on him, and artist Jamal Suleiman, in an episode broadcast and published hosted by journalist Mr. Khairy Ramadan, which is published and available, in which I responded to the suspicions of denying the honorable Sunnah and other things.

Then, three months later, in April of the same year 2015 AD, I debated – with my beloved Ali Al-Jifri – Mr. Islam Al-Behairi, in a well-known and published debate.

– I received many suggestions after the (Takween Center) announcement to engage in another debate with Mr. Islam Al-Beheiri or Mr. Ibrahim Issa, and I found this to be inappropriate, because it means as if we had not yet left our place and that we are repeating ourselves and have not advanced a step since the year 2015 AD.

3- The big debate, and I alone will debate together all the members of the Takween Center

Today, it is no longer about Islam Al-Buhairi or Ibrahim Issa individually, but about a gathering of several of these honorable gentlemen. The proposal that I am putting forward today is to convene a major debate, on condition. that all the members of the (Takween Center) come together on one side and that I am alone on the other side.

I therefore invite Dr. Youssef Zidane, the journalist Ibrahim Issa, Islam Beheiry, Fatima Naout and the rest of the members of the center, including Dr. Zahi Hawass, to a specific debate in which they are all on the same side and I am on the side opposed to them, and they will allow me to launch an intellectual attack on the following questions:

*The great manuscript expert, Dr. Youssef Zidan, allow me to engage in discussion and debate with you regarding the claim that Al-Aqsa Mosque is in Sinai and the extent of the danger of this ideology on religious and national levels, and your statement that Saladin is the most despicable character in history, and the rest of your theses in: (Azazel), and in your cunning novel: (The Shadow of the Serpent), and in your book: (Arab Theology) and other of your theses.

* The great writer and novelist, Professor Ibrahim Issa, allow me to engage in a discussion with you on the issue of the Sunnah and that it is one of the constants, and on the issue of the accusation of the honorable companions of ISIS and bloodshed, and other issues you raise.

*Researcher Islam Al-Buhairi Let me limit the discussion with you to your last thesis that you only recognize the Holy Quran, and that the Sunnah which is honorable to you has no consideration.

The honorable Sunnah is one of the constants that does not accept doubt, and Islam would not exist at all without it. So let me start a discussion on this question and then move on to other questions.

*The great archaeological expert, Dr. Zahi Hawass, allow me to engage with you in the discussion on the denial of the existence of the prophets in Egypt, as you kindly put it, with your gentle retraction when you pointed out that 70 percent of antiquities have not yet been discovered, but this must be discussed clearly.

Sheikh Osama Al-Azhari calls for a debate with the founders of the “Takween Center” to refute their suspicions about the “Sunnah of the Prophet”
Arab Thought Training Center

4- Muslims and Christians stand on one hand, and Christian brothers are with me in the great debate

I called my friend, His Eminence Mgr Jérémie – general bishop and head of the Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center and member of the Family House – and he expressed his sadness when he heard someone say that we were only taking the Gospel texts and abandon the tradition by which the Christian religion was transmitted, since baptism itself – prayer – was not mentioned in detail in the book. The Gospel has been received, according to the historical tradition of the Church, generation after generation.

Likewise, for us Muslims, it is absolutely unacceptable for anyone to say that we only take the Quran and reject the honorable Sunnah, since the details of all prayers, for example, are not mentioned in the Quran, and they are taken from the honorable Sunnah only, therefore denying the Sunnah demolishes all the constants of Islam.

I personally asked his permission to publish a summary of our communication and these remarks, and I asked him to join me in parts of the great debate. He invited me to publish all this, and that he was with me in the debate. , and with him were the students of Bishop Bishoy, who wrote the book: “Historical and doctrinal documentary research to confront “Azazel”: The response to the slander of Youssef Zidane.

If the members of the Takween Center respond to my invitation to the big debate, I will be ready tomorrow morning, God willing, and if they apologize for any reason, I will not embarrass them anymore and I will go with them to the following procedure, which is the fifth point of this statement:

5- Invite all Al-Azhar researchers to form a team under my supervision, to work for a full year to discuss all the ideas of the Takween Center in a sober and calm scientific debate.

I open the door for applications to all young Azharians with doctorates and masters, as well as other researchers with research capabilities, until they submit their CVs to me, so that I can choose from them – after high-level examination and selection – the best. A hundred researchers, who will work under my direction, including ten specialized in researchers, invite each member of the honorable Takween Center to carefully read their intellectual thesis and to criticize it in an honest and scientific manner.

To begin with, I want a team of volunteers, here on this page, to help me with the review, revision and selection, and I want one of the public institutions such as the National Academy, or the Minister of Endowments, or any institution, or the Egyptian Islamic Cultural Center, to provide us with all the logistics that will help train… This team, and to host it, and to help me provide them with all forms of intensive training urgent, and I stipulate among the 100 researchers several conditions and standards:

– Thorough, competent and comprehensive scientific training in the sciences of Islamic law.

– Good camera and media management in general

– Skills in debate and sophisticated dialectical dialogue

– Do not get involved in personalizing questions with the offender

– The ability to always shift the focus of the conversation to scientific questions that concern people and occupy their minds

– Emotional stability, self-control and not being provocative during dialogue, regardless of pressures and influences, and the need for the highest level of politeness and respect towards the offender, and the distinction between our respect for people and discuss their idea and attack it with honest scientific criticism, in which the whole world sees a sophisticated and useful scientific discussion.

– I will prepare these young people well on a scientific level, allowing them to address thorny questions in their response to the theses of terrorism and extremist tendencies, suspicions of atheism, suspicions of negation of the Sunnah, and the questioning of question of religious constants and all foreign theses. to our identity.

They then proceed to a bold and fair scientific discussion of all theses (Takween Center), and only in this way will thought oppose thought, and the great Egyptian people will witness a profound intellectual dialogue that will put all these theses on a scientific scale. with all politeness, respect, knowledge and appreciation, so that we present it to the whole world. A high model to move minds, a true enlightenment, and begin, after discussing extremism and counter-extremism, to present it in a free, constructive, authentic way of thinking, from the sciences and the method of Al -Azhar, who builds national character, moves minds to create civilization and is a true extension of Hassan Al-Attar, Rifa’a Al-Tahtawi, Ayyad Al-Tantawi and Abdel Halim. Mahmoud. And all the big symbols.

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