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Shin Bet publishes photo of Egyptian media personality as Hamas leader! 2024 - drweud
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Shin Bet publishes photo of Egyptian media personality as Hamas leader!

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The Misbar website, which fights rumors and fake news, changed its previous post last February, when Israeli accounts at the time indicated that it belonged to the commander of the Rafah Brigade of the Al-Qassam Brigades, Muhammad Shabana .

Yesterday, May 24, Hebrew media reported that the objective of the attack on Rafah, in the south of the Gaza Strip, was to assassinate Shabana, and according to Israeli estimates, the assassination attempt failed, although the occupying army adopted the image in previous publications. which sparked a lot of criticism on social networks in Arabic and also in Hebrew.

Shin Bet publishes photo of Egyptian media personality as Hamas leader!

How did Shabana comment?

Journalist and MP Shabana said in exclusive statements to the Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper: “I was not surprised or astonished by the photo published by the Shin Bet, the Israeli general security service, although it is one of the largest security agencies in the country. Israel.”

He continued: “The widely spread image indicates the extent of the shock and confusion from which the Zionist entity is suffering, particularly with regard to the Palestinian question.”

Shabana added: “I learned that the Shin Bet circulated my photo and that it was supposed to be in the greatest concentration, and this photo indicates that they are suffering from confusion and confusion, and that Palestine will return soon to its owners, God. I want it, and this victory will be close. »

Shabana also explained in televised statements that “at first he thought the case was just a joke, but he found that the case was spreading in the media in a serious way”, stressing that he would sue Israel over this.

The occupation lies

This is not the first time that “Israel” has published lies about Gaza, as fact-checking platforms have documented dozens of lies launched by “official” Israeli social media accounts.

In November last year, Israeli social media accounts circulated a fake video of a woman claiming to be a nurse at Al-Shifa Hospital, accusing Hamas of seizing medicine and preventing patients from leaving. the hospital.

The video clip sparked widespread ridicule on social media, leading a Mossad account to delete the video.

While the “X” platform issued a warning in which it indicated that workers at Al-Shifa Hospital do not know this woman and have never seen her among them.

“X” said in a statement that the woman’s Israeli accent is clear, especially when she pronounces the letters “Ain” and “H.”

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