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Siege of Jabalia and martyrs of the bombings in the Gaza Strip

The world – Palestine

The largest and most populous camp in the Gaza Strip is experiencing catastrophic humanitarian conditions in light of continued aerial bombardments coinciding with the Israeli ground incursion that has lasted for about two weeks.

Journalists and eyewitnesses at the camp say the bodies of dozens of martyrs lie on the roads and are inaccessible, while brutal bombings have displaced thousands from their homes and UNRWA schools, which house the displaced. since the start of the war. .

Two Palestinians were killed following the Israeli occupation’s bombing of a house of the Al-Shaer family in the Badr camp, west of the town of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.

According to the latest toll, 16 Palestinians, most of them children, were killed following the occupation bombing of a house in the Al-Daraj neighborhood of Gaza City in the north of the Strip. from Gaza. Activists said a number of martyrs were killed following the bombing that targeted the upper floor of the Fatima Al-Zahraa Mosque, which houses displaced families, and that others were killed following the bombing of a Shabat family home. in the neighborhood.

One Palestinian was martyred and others were injured following the occupation bombing of a residential apartment in Tal Al-Sultan, west of Rafah, southern Gaza Strip.

In Rafah, the occupation army continues to expand its ground operations deep into the city, where it is poised to storm busy locations, given the continued closure of the Rafah crossing, the only way to move the injured and sick to care. abroad.

Here are the latest developments in the war in Gaza:

“Islamic Resistance in Iraq”: We attacked a vital target in Eilat

A global strike in Jenin

-Clashes between the occupation and resistance fighters in the Al-Ain camp in the West Bank

Occupation forces storm hospital area in Nablus city

Palestinian sources: a young man was killed in Jenin

Occupation fires live ammunition at press crews in Jenin

-A raid near a school in the Al-Daraj district

-8 martyrs in the bombing of a house in the Nuseirat camp

-Raids on Beit Lahia

-Occupation besieges Jabalia

The most important events of yesterday, Wednesday:

-6 Palestinian martyrs in the Bir al-Naja region, north of the Gaza Strip

-10 martyrs in the town of Al-Zawaida in the center of the Gaza Strip

Al-Qassam: We killed and injured members of two Israeli forces

Occupation frees 30 prisoners from Gaza Strip

– Al-Qassam: Three Israeli soldiers were shot dead in Beit Hanoun

-Gaza Health: 35,709 martyrs since the start of the war until today

Al-Qassam: We eliminated two Israeli soldiers east of Rafah

-Hamas: Biden must apologize after the Associated Press report which denied the sexual violence of October 7.

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