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Slovak Prime Minister’s health improves after assassination attempt

Slovak Prime Minister's health improves after assassination attempt

Slovak Prime Minister, Robert Fico

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Doctors treating Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, the victim of an assassination attempt last week, have confirmed that his health has improved.

A press release – published today Monday by the hospital where the Prime Minister is being treated, according to the American network ABC News – indicates that Fico’s state of health has become stable, that his clinical condition is improving, that he communicates with doctors and that the signs of inflammation are gradually decreasing, indicating that he will remain under treatment at the hospital located in the town of Banska Bystrica, in the center of the country.

Last Saturday, a Slovak court decided to place the suspect in the attempted assassination of the Prime Minister in pre-trial detention until his trial.

It should be noted that the Minister of the Interior of Slovakia, Matusz Šutaj Štavak, suggested that the assassination attempt against Fico last Wednesday in the town of “Handlova”, after a government meeting, was motivated by political considerations, noting that the suspect belonged to any political party, and he worked in a celibate manner.

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Slovak Prime Minister's health improves after assassination attempt

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