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Slovenian Parliament approves decree recognizing the State of Palestine

Slovenian Parliament approves decree recognizing the State of Palestine

Following in the footsteps of Spain, Ireland and Norway, the Slovenian Parliament agreed on Tuesday, by a majority of votes, to recognize an independent Palestinian state.

The Slovenian Parliament approved a decree recognizing a state on Tuesday PalestineAfter the ruling coalition decided to proceed with the vote and the opposition rejected a request for a postponement.

A week after a similar step taken by Spain, Ireland and Norway, Slovenia recognized the State of Palestine, after the Slovenian Parliament approved a decree in this regard with the approval of 52 members, which the opposition boycotted the session and one member abstained from voting. .

The Slovenian Democratic Party, led by former Prime Minister Janez Janša, filed a memorandum on Monday calling for a consultative referendum on the recognition decree, with the aim of postponing the vote for thirty days.

But contrary to all expectations, the President of Parliament, Orska Klakokar Zupancic, considered that the opposition “had abused the referendum mechanism”, stressing that the 30-day deadline only applies to draft laws and not to decrees .

During a tumultuous six-hour session, interrupted several times for procedural reasons, the motion was rejected by a large majority and the decree was adopted.

The government had previously submitted the decree to Parliament for approval, which constitutes an acceleration of the mechanism in anticipation of the European elections scheduled for Sunday.

But Janša, who was once close to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, denounced a move based on political calculations.

According to the memorandum, recognition of the State of Palestine would cause “long-term harm to Slovenia by supporting the terrorist organization Hamas.”

On the contrary, Liberal Prime Minister Robert Golub believes that such recognition “sends a message of peace”.

He emphasizes that “the time has come for the whole world to join efforts for a two-state solution that will bring peace to the Middle East.”

Last week, Israel said it hoped the Slovenian parliament would reject the government’s recommendation to recognize the state of Palestine, seen as a “reward for Hamas,” according to Benjamin Netanyahu’s government.

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