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Social Solidarity completes the implementation of 72 projects with 10 civil society organizations 2024 - drweud
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Social Solidarity completes the implementation of 72 projects with 10 civil society organizations

Nevin Al-Kabbaj, Minister of Social Solidarity, attended the launch of the activities of the second session of the “Support and capacity building of the civil community” program, implemented in cooperation between the Ministry of Social Solidarity and the German Agency for International Cooperation with the support of the European Union, in the presence of Ambassador Christian Berger, Head of the European Union Delegation to Egypt, and Holger Ihle, Head of German Development Cooperation at German Embassy in Egypt, Ayman Abdel Mawjoud, Deputy Minister of Social Solidarity, trade union leaders at the Ministry of Social Solidarity and the Waaa program for community development, as well as representatives of international cooperation organizations at development and European embassies.

Social Solidarity completes the implementation of 72 projects with 10 civil society organizations

The meeting consisted of celebrating the completion of 72 projects in partnership with 10 civil society organizations, in addition to the start of a new phase of the project which includes the signing of 7 partnership contracts with 7 civil society organizations, noting that about 85 grassroots companies (community development companies) were processed as part of the implementation of various program activities at the community level in 10 governorates.

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The main objective of the cooperation projects is to promote equal opportunities for women, young people and people with disabilities, in addition to developing the capacities of civil society organizations, as well as stimulating and developing awareness of the community to the most important social and economic issues on which social solidarity works. .

Al-Qabbaj explained that the project, during the first phase, reached around 30,000 families, with a total of 125,000 citizens. There are also around 4,000 people with disabilities who have benefited from rehabilitation services and issuance of an integrated services card, in addition to the capacity development of 85 small and medium civil society organizations through the capacity building program. capacities, including 43 associations which benefited from financial support and 270 training meetings were organized for young people about to get married. As part of the “Mawaddah” program, the capacities of 550 agents from the Ministries of Social Solidarity and Youth were developed.

As for awareness campaigns, the digital reach of the campaigns reached 1.5 million, in addition to family and community awareness campaigns carried out through community leaders.

One of the objectives of the program was to expand campaigns aimed at influencing public opinion in favor of social policies that support the rights of people with disabilities and women and girls from the most vulnerable groups, in addition to completing the preparation of the Fund’s strategy. support projects supporting civil associations and institutions, and launch the digital platform to present and manage the monitoring of projects financed by the Fund, and prepare a monitoring and evaluation mechanism for grants awarded by the Fund to organizations in the civil society.

Al-Qabbaj stressed the importance of building a model of participation between civil society institutions and partner government agencies to support dialogue between youth and local communities and develop awareness messages on social development issues in within an integrated executive framework based on linking advocacy messages and gaining support for the social service package.

The Minister of Social Solidarity added that the ministry, in its work strategy, is strongly oriented towards policies of social and economic empowerment, expansion of community participation and implementation of control mechanisms by members of the community on the processes of distribution of benefits, provision of various services and efficiency of the work of facilities, which improves the processes of participation in decision-making and positive integration into society.

The importance of using soft power in art and theater to express social development issues and defend the issues of social groups that the Ministry of Social Solidarity aims to empower and integrate into society was also highlighted. .

For his part, Ambassador Christian Berger, head of the European Union delegation to Egypt, indicated that this program constitutes an excellent model for obtaining long-term benefits through cooperation with young people, people with disabilities and all local communities, in addition to the partnership with local communities. governments, civil society organizations and women leaders, underlining the Union’s commitment. The European Union calls for strengthening the capacities of civil society organizations and the importance of developing their skills in order to effectively contribute to long-term, integrated social and economic development.

Ambassador Christian also praised the importance of involving and empowering young people, women and people with disabilities, not only as target groups, but as true partners empowered, invested and worked to improve their means. livelihoods, their families and their communities. .

For his part, Holger Ely, Head of German Development Cooperation at the German Embassy, ​​explained that the German government prioritizes work in the field of gender equality and women’s empowerment and vulnerable population groups, through its development policy.

He also stressed that cooperation with civil society organizations is the main key to achieving tangible and lasting social and economic structural changes. He also praised the participatory approach adopted in the project, encouraged by German cooperation to integrate local communities into the contribution. the development of their communities and the improvement of their livelihoods.

Holger ended his speech by expressing pride in the achievements of the Equal Opportunities and Social Development Project and its real impact on the lives of many young people across Egypt.

At the end of the event, Al-Qabbaj attended the project grant signing ceremony for 7 new civil society organizations planned to network and work with a number of small and medium civil society organizations in various governorates, including Alexandria, Fayoum, Assiut. , Qena, Sohag, Greater Cairo and the Red Sea. The ceremony concluded with the Civil Society Networking Forum, which continued over two days to highlight the successes and challenges of the project.

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