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Special Video: Senior Hezbollah Official Talks About My President and His Minister!!

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Safi al-Din added: We have long known of his support, approval, adherence and knowledge of this resistance and its various positions, whether when he was in Mashhad al-Maqdisa, a servant of the Imam al-Rida, and it is a very great position that he is proud of and that we are all proud of.

He continued: And when he occupied different positions, up to the Presidency of the Republic, he was always on our side, on the side of the resistance, as well as the minister, the martyr, the diplomat, the active resistance fighter. , Dr. Amir Abdullahian. It is also a great loss for us and for the entire axis of resistance, and therefore for all those who accompanied it in this ordeal which occurred against the Iranian people and all the peoples of the region.

Mr. Hashem Safi al-Din, Chairman of the Executive Council of Hezbollah Lebanon, explained: However, at the same time, we see that there is great confidence in the Islamic Republic, in its strength and greatness, especially with the presence of a great and great leader who embraces all the Iranian people and all the people of our region and the resistance of our region in these days, and he is Imam Sayyid Khamenei, may his shadow last.

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Safi Al-Din stressed that his words yesterday were a balm and that his directives are still able to restore morale, strength and capacity, and express this latent strength in the people of our region.

He stressed: Therefore, we believe that the future will remain rich and full with the presence of this great people, this great leader and important leaders, considering that Iran is a great country and a cradle of leaders and responsible.

Khalas, Mr. Hashem Safi al-Din, Chairman of the Executive Council of Hezbollah Lebanon, assessed that the loss is great and the sadness is great, but surrender, faith, continuity and responsibility are the most important, and it This is an opportunity to present my condolences to all the Iranian people and to all the faithful of the family of martyr Raisi, martyr Amir Abdollahian, Mr. Ayatollah Al Hashem and the families of all the martyrs.

Safi al-Din concluded by saying: We offer our condolences to them on behalf of the resistance and on behalf of Hezbollah and the resistance peoples of the region, and we will remain faithful as they have been, on their path and drawing at the wells. of their ideas and the source of their gift, so that this path continues, preserved and preserved with the care of our Lord, the Master of Ages and Times, may God hasten his honorable appearance.

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