Take-Two CEO has high confidence in GTA 6 launch date

Rockstar is known for its ability to design immersive games full of details that attract millions of players around the world, but at the same time, it is also known for its record of delay in releasing its games, like Grand Theft Auto V and others faced it. a delay of several months compared to the initially planned launch date. Is it possible that he will manage to meet the deadline he set for himself with GTA 6?

However, despite these historic delays, Rockstar seems confident in its ability to meet GTA 6’s fall 2025 launch date, as the company’s CEO confirmed: Strauss-ZelnickHe is very confident in meeting this date, noting that the company is reducing the launch window because it is “very confident in this timing.”

He expressed Strauss-ZelnickTake-Two CEO expressed “great confidence” in achieving Grand Theft Auto 6’s recently announced launch date in an update to its financial guidance last week, as the company set the game’s launch window in fall 2017. 2025 instead of the launch date Ambiguous includes the year as a whole.

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During an interview with a channel CNBC,discuss Zelnik The process of determining game release dates and how companies know the appropriate time for launch from a creative perspective, as he said in his statements:

“There are things that can already be measured, such as the number of bugs in the game, and we each strive to ensure that there are as few bugs as possible before launch.”

The Take-Two CEO added:

“With exceptional games with exceptional expectations, it’s not really about mistakes, it’s about creating an experience that no one has seen before, and Rockstar Games strives for perfection in everything what he does. “Perfection is really difficult to measure, because it is more subjective than objective.”

Rockstar is known for their habit of announcing release dates for their games and then postponing them later, and perhaps with that in mind, they were asked Zelnik Regarding his confidence in achieving the launch date of the highly anticipated GTA 6 game in fall 2025, he responded this and said:

“Well, there is a delay in game releases in the industry and we are not immune to that. But we have reduced the launch window because we are very confident in this timing. »

Excitement among video game fans exploded with the release of the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 last December, confirming the planned launch date of 2025, as the trailer received massive viewing with over 100 million views in just two days, surpassing the number of views that… The GTA 5 launch trailer has achieved this feat throughout its history, recording its name as one of the most viewed trailers on the YouTube platform .

Take-Two, the parent company of developer Rockstar, said last week that Grand Theft Auto 5 made about $1 billion in retail sales, faster than any other entertainment release in history, with about $200 million. of copies shipped since its launch in 2013.

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