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Taxes: A minimum of data must be available on the sales invoice for the end consumer

Taxes: A minimum of data must be available on the sales invoice for the end consumer

The Egyptian Tax Administration has confirmed that until the rest of the tax community is obliged, in the next stages of publication, to use the electronic receipt system, financiers must respect the legally stipulated data in tax receipts. sale to the final consumer (sales invoice to the final consumer). in accordance with the Unified Tax Procedures Law promulgated by Law No. (206 for the year 2020) and its implementing regulations amended by decision of the Minister of Finance (Resolution 188 of 2023).

The IRS explained that the invoice must contain the following:

1. The seller’s name, address and registration number

2. Serial number of the final consumer sales invoice (sales receipt)

3. Release date.

4. Registration of the name of the branch that issued the sales invoice to the final consumer (sales receipt)

5. Name of buyer/service recipient

6. The buyer’s national number or passport number for foreigners if the value of the receipt exceeds (currently 150,000 pounds)

7. Declaration of the good sold or service rendered, its quantity and its value

8. Saving the exchange rate at central bank rates (when issuing a foreign currency invoice)

9. Tax category and value.

11. The total value of the sales invoice to the final consumer (sales receipt).

12.Payment/payment method.

She emphasized that a price declaration that does not include this data is not considered a valid invoice and exposes its source to violation and makes the buyer lose his right.

The Egyptian Tax Administration explained that financiers must issue a tax invoice or professional receipt for those who exercise a liberal profession when selling the good or providing the service, as the case may be, taking into account that the invoice or receipt must be an original. and a copy. The original is given to the buyer and the copy is kept with the financier or taxpayer, and the invoice or receipt must be numbered with serial numbers according to the dates of its issue and not crossed out. scratch or cram.

He warned that non-compliance with these data in the paper or electronic receipt according to the stages of the obligation is considered a violation of the text of Article 37 of the aforementioned law, which imposes the imposition of the sanction provided for in article 71 of the same law. , which is represented by a fine of at least twenty thousand pounds and not more than one hundred thousand pounds, emphasizing that it will not hesitate to do everything possible to preserve the rights of the public treasury of the State.

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