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Technically and logistically equipped… Civil Status sends convoys to obtain national identity cards in 11 governorates

Technically and logistically equipped... Civil Status sends convoys to obtain national identity cards in 11 governorates

The Civil Status Sector continued to send technically and logistically equipped convoys to provide all the services that the sector provides to citizens, including national identity cards and automated exports to the governorates of Cairo, Giza, Matrouh , Menoufia, Qalyubiya, Qena, Beheira, Minya, Assiout, North Sinai and Dakahlia, where the results These convoys obtained 7,388 national identity cards and 21,200 automated sources.

Considering the growing demand of citizens for these areas, it was decided to continue the work of the convoys in the above-mentioned governorates, starting from May 25, 2024. A convoy was also established in the Cairo governorate, in front of the commercial center Maxim instead of Cairo. Festival convoy for obtaining national identity cards and automated documents Starting Saturday 05/25/2034.

The sector also continued throughout the week to receive incoming public communications via hotlines to meet and provide various immediate public sector services at their sites on sector short numbers 15340 for various immediate inquiries from the public , and 15341 for requests for the elderly, people of determination, sick people and families of martyrs, where various requests were met and delivered. On the same day, to facilitate citizens, this resulted in the issuance and issuance of 1,322 national identity cards and 218 automated sources.

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The sector also continued to respond to the requests of humanitarian patients, the elderly and people of determination, and sent missions to 45 humanitarian cases in homes and hospitals to renew their national identity cards, and the necessary measures were taken to obtain and deliver them.

The sector also continues to send missions to obtain and renew national identity cards for workers and those who frequent the administrative capital and certain private clubs. The necessary measures were taken to extract them and also return them to 198 citizens. to continue to host the model center for older people and people of determination – differently abled – to meet their needs using sector resources. National identity cards were issued and renewed for 200 citizens.

These measures have been accepted and appreciated by citizens due to their positive impact in making it easier for them to benefit from services in a distinctive way and saving time and effort. This is part of the Ministry of the Interior’s desire to defend the values ​​of the Interior. human rights and make it easier for citizens to provide public services.

This is part of the policy of the Ministry of the Interior, which aims, in one of its axes, to activate the societal role of all security sectors and to adopt procedures that will allow citizens to get police services easily and conveniently.

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