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Tel Aviv faces two options, the worst being bitter

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The painful blows received by Benjamin Netanyahu and his entity, whether the recognition of the State of Palestine, coming from certain European countries, and the request of the public prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to issue arrest warrants against him and the Minister of Liberty, and demand that he end his fight against its lifting by the Hague tribunal; All this caused the entity to fail and internal political and security conflicts grew until former Prime Minister Olmert described the Netanyahu government as a group of madmen, thirsty for blood and destruction, controlling us.

Writer and political analyst Rasem Obeidat told Al-Alam TV: “This is an indication of the growing isolation of the occupation globally. The occupying state is becoming a political and economic pariah, leading to the imposition of a weapons ban. It exports to the occupying state. It therefore loses the European and American front, and public opinion evolves very significantly.

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In light of these divisions and international pressure, the Israeli street is once again coming out in force in Tel Aviv and occupied Jerusalem, demanding the overthrow of Netanyahu and his ruling group, the holding of early elections and the return of detainees.

Director of the Al-Quds Center for Human Rights, Ziad Al-Hammouri, said: “The protests clearly state that they want the resignation of this government and its trial, and this is clear and declared today . disagreements have multiplied, even within the army, and there have been protests within the army, resignations and commissions of inquiry will be formed.”

An opinion poll by the Hebrew newspaper Maariv showed that more than 68 percent believe the Netanyahu-led government has failed to repatriate prisoners of war and has not done enough to bring them back, and that he missed many opportunities by making a swap deal.

Benjamin Netanyahu is said to have two options, the worst being bitter: the first is to challenge the world alone while he is in this limp and struggling state. Either he will comply and make concessions that will be difficult for him, thus officially declaring his defeat.

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