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“Thank you, Klopp.” Liverpool fans bid the German a tearful farewell in their final match.

Shoot – The story of one of the most important coaches of the new millennium, German Jurgen Klopp, ended with the first football team of the English club Real Liverpool.

The German coach played the final a few moments ago, with the Reds, at Anfield Road, against Wolverhampton.

The confrontation ended with a victory for Klopp’s teammates, with a score of (2-1), in the matches of the 38th and final round of the English Premier League.

The Reds finish the English Premier League in third place with 82 points, officially qualifying for the Champions League.

Klopp’s farewell ignites the atmosphere at Liverpool

The match between Liverpool and Wolverhampton witnessed a special atmosphere, as it was German manager Jurgen Klopp’s last match.

Liverpool’s loving fans installed a huge ‘Tifo’ in the Anfield stands bearing the name ‘Jurgen’ before the start of their final match.

With the singing of the team anthem, “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” to ensure it stays in their memories.

Klopp returned the crowd’s greetings, in a touching scene from the crowd’s legendary farewell.

During the confrontation, another member of the public, “Tifo”, ​​said: “Thank you Club, you made the public happy”.

Before the end of the confrontation, the fans only began to chant the name of the German coach after the end of the match.

Immediately after the end, the coach quickly headed to the locker room, then returned wearing a jersey bearing the team’s famous phrase:

“You will never walk alone”, in a touching scene which brought some of the audience to tears.

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“Thank you, Klopp.”  Liverpool fans bid the German a tearful farewell in their final match.

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