The artistic designer of God of War: Ragnarök speaks Arabic

God of War: Ragnarök received full support for the Arabic language, as the experience was very popular within the Arabic gaming community. But what we don’t know is what’s going on behind the scenes regarding the use of the Arabic language in games and the obstacles that developers may face.

The Arabic language is one of the most complex languages ​​in Western society, and this is also what video game developers face. But the technical designer of God of War: Ragnarök’s UI discussed one of the obstacles he encountered when implementing the language in the game.

At a recent GDC developer conference (via AliSahi) The developer said that he had received an Arabic language font to use in the game’s interface, but he wanted to improve the quality of the font and had to show it to the Arabic team present in the studio, who directed to the font library. for the language, where he chose the most appropriate font for the game and it was added in the form we currently see in the game.

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He said:

“I received an Arabic font…and they told me to just use it. But I turned to the Arabic speakers in the quality assurance department for their opinion, and I’m grateful I did, because they told me it was a normal font like any book. I chose a font I liked with their help.

In another context, new leaks have recently appeared from reliable sources in the video game media confirming that the God of War Ragnarök game is coming to PC and the announcement will be made very soon.

These leaks come to us through Billbil-kun, known for his accuracy in sharing information with the community, as he indicated that the announcement would be made during this particular month. We don’t know if the announcement will be made via the Playstation Showcase event, which is expected to take place this month, or if it will be made independently.

It is worth noting that the game God of War Ragnarök was released in November 2022 on PS4 and PS5 devices, and the game achieved sales of… 5.1 million unit in the first week of release, and sales soared to 11 million copies in just 11 weeks. While sales of the game, one year after its first release, exceeded 15 million copies worldwide.

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