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The family of a former Algerian soldier in the ranks of the French army demands financial compensation

The family of a former Algerian soldier in the ranks of the French army demands financial compensation

The family of an Algerian soldier named Allama Boglouf, who participated in the Algerian war but in the ranks of the French army, filed a complaint against the French state because of its refusal to provide financial compensation to the suffering of this family in an accommodation center from 1962 to 1969. This center is similar to the centers in which Al-Harki and their families were placed after fleeing Algeria following the end of the Algerian War in 1962.

As France prepares to commemorate the eightieth anniversary of the Normandy Landings, the family of an Algerian soldier who fought during the War of Independence (1954-1962) in the ranks of the French army has decided to file a complaint against the French State after this. refused to grant them financial compensation due to their seven-year stay in a shelter similar to the centers Harki was placed in upon their arrival in France after the end of the Algerian War.

You should know that this Algerian, called Alawa Boglov, was not a movement, but rather a high-ranking soldier in the ranks of the French army. When he arrived in France, he was housed with his wife in the “Catnom” camp in Moselle in eastern France until 1969.

In an interview given Tuesday to France Inter, Mireille Boglov, one of the soldier’s daughters, described the difficult circumstances in which she lived with her parents. “The houses didn’t have a heating system,” she said. “We lived among rats and bedbugs.”

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Mireille was born at the Katnon camp and lived in difficult conditions inside the center, which exposed her to several illnesses, including rickets. As for his sister, she suffered from a muscular disease.

In 2022, Mireille Boglov decided to create an administrative file to claim financial compensation, but the French administration rejected the request on the grounds that the “Katnum” camp did not appear in the list of accommodation centers allowing those who lived there to obtain financial aid. compensation.

In 2023, this position was added to the list of eligible positions. For the second time, Mireille Boglov sends a new administrative file to the National Agency for Combatants and Victims of War and to the Independent National Commission to demand financial compensation, given that her father was a soldier and fighter in the French army. But she received no response.

It is for this reason that I decided to file a complaint against the French State before the Nancy Court, denouncing an unfair system which granted financial compensation to certain residents of the “Canton” camp and not to all.

For his part, Antoine Ory, the lawyer for the Boglov family, was surprised by the position of the French state. He said: “There are families who lived in difficult conditions in the ‘Canton’ camp who received financial compensation and others who received nothing despite living in similar conditions or perhaps be more difficult. We do not understand this duplicity of behavior.

Mireille Boglov added: “We were isolated twice. The first time was when they placed us in a shelter like Al-Harki and the second time after they refused to give us financial compensation so that our father was a soldier in the French army.”

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The European Court of Human Rights condemned France in early 2024 for having hosted movements in “inappropriate” camps that did not respect human dignity.

The Harkis are the Algerians who chose to join the French army during the Algerian War and defend France. The majority of them left Algeria after the signing of the Evian Accords in 1962 for fear of reprisals.

But when they arrived in France, they were housed in centers and camps lacking the minimum subsistence level, far from large cities, most of them located in the south of France. Al-Harki stayed with their families until the 1970s, after which they were spread across many cities and given apartments and houses.

Al-Harki’s sons are still demanding financial compensation from the French state because of the suffering they experienced inside the camps. But the French state did not provide them with sufficient aid, worthy of the sacrifices they made during the Algerian War. The file remains open to this day.

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