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The Film Society Festival unveils the list of films for its fiftieth session

The management of the annual Festival of the Egyptian Cinema Society has revealed the list of films that will be screened during the Golden Jubilee, which will be held this year from June 1 to 9 at the Cinema Artistic Creativity Center of the Opera House. Cairo under the “Long live the Resistance… Long live Palestine”. Among them… 368 Egyptian, Arab and foreign cinema films were screened during the year 2023 in Egyptian cinemas. Only 5 Egyptian films were selected out of 42 films. general referendum of critics, filmmakers and members of the Film Society to choose the 8 best films screened over the past year.

The Film Society Festival unveils the list of films for its fiftieth session
Annual Film Society Festival

The films, according to the date of their release in Egyptian cinemas, are “19 B” by director Ahmed Abdullah Al-Sayed, “Beit Al-Ruby” by director Peter Mimi, “Wash Fi Wash” by director Walid Al-Halafawi, and “Foy Fuy Fuy” by director Omar Hilal, which are the four films. The directors of these films will compete for numerous awards, including Best Actor in a Leading and Supporting Role, Female and Male, and Best Set Design and Cinematography. , editing, mixing, makeup, soundtrack, soundtrack and visual effects, by the jury, while the film “Shamarekh” by director Amr Salama will be screened out of competition.

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The Film Society Festival unveils the list of films for its fiftieth session
Shamarikh Film Society Festival

The jury that will watch these films is chaired by director Hani Lashin, and among its members are Dr. Rania Yahya, dean of the Higher Institute of Art Criticism of the Academy of Arts, Dr. Rahma Montaser, film editor , professor of editing at the Academy of Arts. the Cinema Institute, film critic Tariq El-Shenawi and director Adel Al-Aasar, director and head of the Union of Artistic Unions Omar Abdel Aziz, Dr. Ghada Jabbara, the president of the Academy of Arts , film critic Magda Khairallah. , Magda Morris, Dr Mohsen Ahmed, cinematographer and director, Dr Mahmoud Mohsen, cinematographer and decoration professor at the Cinema Institute, sound and sound engineer Magdy Kamel and film critic Walid Saif.

The Film Society Festival unveils the list of films for its fiftieth session
Film Foy Foy Film Society Festival Foy

For the first time, the festival exceptionally presents, on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee, three Arab films among the 14 films screened in Egyptian cinemas: “Mediterranean Fever” by director Maha Haj, produced by Palestine, Qatar, Cyprus, Germany and France. , and “Science” by director Firas Khoury, produced by Palestine and France.

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The Film Society Festival unveils the list of films for its fiftieth session
Film Society Festival

Finally, “Goodbye Julia” by director Mohamed Kordofani is a co-production between Sudan, Germany, Egypt, Sweden and Saudi Arabia. These films will be screened during the days of the festival, and each film is followed by a seminar with its directors. the seminars which follow the screening of the films are part of the nature of the Film Society’s work and its educational role. The best foreign film award was relaunched after being suspended since the 26th session of the festival. 300 foreign films of different nationalities were released in Egyptian cinemas over the past year.

The festival takes place under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and in cooperation with the Cultural Development Fund, the Egyptian Opera, the Union of Cinematographic Professions, the National Cinema Center, the fine arts sector and the Academy of arts. It is considered one of the oldest and most important local Egyptian film festivals, as it is judged by an elite group of filmmakers and is based on the artistic merit of the participating films. The members of the association choose among these the films which participate. films screened during the previous year of the festival, and the best films are chosen by a general referendum of critics, filmmakers and film association members from among films screened throughout the year. This is the only festival that took place. steadily over the years, it has continued for a long time and has continued since its inauguration and founding by the Film Society, in the hands of the Society’s critics, filmmakers and board of directors, both current and from the beginning of the year. its implementation.

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