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The first in Saudi Arabia and the largest in the Arab world. Opera “Zarqa Al-Yamamah” in London

Yesterday, the Theater and Performing Arts Authority organized the official ceremony to announce the start of production operations of the first Saudi opera show and the largest in the Arab world, “Zarqa Al-Yamamah Opera”, under the patronage of His Highness Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan, Minister of Culture, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Theater and Performing Arts Authority, in the Theater and Performing Arts Authority Hall at Goldsmiths in the British capital, London , in the presence of a group of interested people. in addition to Saudi and international creators participating in the production of the opera.
The ceremony included the revealing of details of the unique operatic production, recounting the historical dimensions of the story, in addition to a musical performance presented by the CEO of the Arab Opera Company, Ivan Vukcevic, a company that brings together a team international festival of famous operas. Saudi singers and artists. The ceremony also saw the participation of international soprano Ms. Sarah Connolly, who will play Zarqa Al-Yamamah.

Theater and Performing Arts Authority celebrates Opera announcement

Opera “Zarqa Al-Yamamah”

The opera “Zarqa al-Yamamah” is scheduled to debut in Riyadh in mid-April and will span several local and international performances. It tells the story of “Zarqa al-Yamama”, the famous character in Arab history of the time. pre-Islamic era, who has blue eyes and possesses the ability to… Unique device that allows him to see long distances. Its story will appear in a unique blend that combines Arabic and Western musical elements in a way that has never been explored in the opera world until today, and constitutes a valuable addition to the global cultural stock.

Theater and Performing Arts Authority celebrates Opera announcement

The original text of the work was written by Saudi poet, writer and theater critic Saleh Zamanan, while renowned international composer Lee Bradshaw composed the musical score for the opera “Zarqa Al-Yamamah”, incorporating elements of musical composition. Arabic music, Saudi heritage and styles found in international opera musical scores such as Mozart, Verdi and Puccini.

Theater and Performing Arts Authority celebrates Opera announcement

Saudi music scene

International soprano Sarah Connolly leads a chorus of talented singers as Zarqa Al-Yamamah, while the roster of lead singers brings together nine Saudi talents, including Khairan Al-Zahrani, Sawsan Al-Bahiti and Remaz Al-Aqabi, who are prominent names in the Saudi music scene, sharing the stage with a group of international greats including Clive Bayley, Emilia Warzon, Serena Farnucci, Parade Cataldo and Georg von Bergen.

Theater and Performing Arts Authority celebrates Opera announcement

The Dresden Sinfoniker Orchestra performs the musical pieces from the opera, accompanied by the Czech Philharmonic Choir Giovanna Bozzi and her team also work on designing costumes that reflect the spirit of the opera and the visual aesthetic of the pre-Islamic era.
Director Daniele Finzi Pasca is responsible for organizing the show, as well as the special theatrical effects, to create enchanting scenes that embody the reality of the story and transport the audience into the enchanting atmosphere of the ancient Arabian Peninsula .

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