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The first scenes from the crash site of the Iranian president’s plane (video)

The first scenes from the crash site of the Iranian president's plane (video)

The Cairo news channel showed scenes from the site of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi’s plane crash.

The commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards said some of the bodies involved in Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi’s plane crash were burned and could not be identified, Cairo news channel reported. reported recently in the latest news.

The Iranian Interior Minister announced yesterday evening, Sunday, at 5 p.m. sharp, that the Iranian President’s plane was disrupted and made an emergency landing due to bad weather conditions and the spread of cold and fog in the area.

After announcing the disappearance of the Iranian president’s helicopter, the Red Crescent revealed the deployment of a number of rescue teams, which numbered around 96 teams, including 73 from the authority, and 23 teams from Tehran and the rest of the Iranian provinces, in addition to the use of specially trained dogs and the efforts of climbing enthusiasts to search for the president.

Due to poor weather conditions, rescue teams were unable to find the helicopter and Turkey sent a drone equipped with sensors and night vision capabilities to search the area for the plane.

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