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The funeral ceremony of martyr Raïssi... and the fourth referendum 2024 - drweud
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The funeral ceremony of martyr Raïssi… and the fourth referendum

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Although the number of participants in the funeral of the righteous martyrs in Tehran has not yet been announced, the grand funeral ceremony held today in the capital Tehran recalled the memory of the funeral of Imam Khomeini (God grant his soul). , which has been described as the largest funeral in the world. It also recalls the memory of the funerals of Martyr Commander Qassem Soleimani and Martyr Commander Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis and their honorable comrades, in Iraq and Iran.

When we highlight the number of participants in the funeral ceremonies of the leaders of the revolution and those responsible for the regime of the Islamic Republic, we thereby wish to show the extent of the Iranian people’s adherence to the system of the Islamic Republic and their confidence in the symbols. and the men of this regime, a commitment which has not been denied for more than forty years, despite the psychological warfare and the pressures exerted by the Mushroom duo, America and the Israeli entity, their henchmen in the region and their agents.

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-The Islamic republican system was not imposed on the Iranian people, under the pretext of revolution, Imam Khomeini (may God bless him and grant him peace) refused to impose the Islamic system, as leader of the revolution, and called instead: in 1979, two months after the victory of the revolution, for the holding of a referendum to determine the nature of the new system. The people chose the system of the Islamic Republic, by a majority of 98.2%. who had the right to vote.

– Ten years after the first referendum, more precisely in 1989, the second referendum on the nature of the regime in Iran took place, and this referendum was represented by the legendary participation of the Iranian people in the funeral ceremonies of the author of the attack of the Islamic Revolution. and founder of the Islamic Republic, Imam Khomeini (may God rest his soul), whose ceremony, described as the largest funeral in the world, was attended by more than 17 million Iranians.

– Thirty-one years after the second referendum, the third general referendum took place, represented by the massive popular funeral of the martyred leader Qassem Soleimani, in 2020, attended by 25 million people in the cities of Iraq and Iran , and it is a referendum that revealed the popularity of the Islamic regime not only in Iran but also in the region.

Today, in 2024, the Iranian people, in these difficult circumstances that the region is going through, and the evil forces that attack the Palestinian people and the axis of resistance, have shown the extent of their adherence to their Islamic regime , to their wise leadership and their pride in their officials, when they participated in an epic manner in the funeral of the “martyr of the service” and the “servant of the people”, President Raïssi. This remarkable participation of a million men represented the fourth. referendum for the Iranian people.

As I write these lines, on the presence of millions of Iranians in the arena, especially in difficult times, a presence that represents a slap in the face to all enemies, agents, biased people, mentally ill people and those who hate in the Islamic Republic, I remember a news report by the American media and Western newspapers, in 2017, which spoke of former American President Donald Trump who had manipulated photos of his inauguration ceremony, so as to give the impression that the public was numerous, when the truth was not, because the public attendance was lackluster. The affair prompted a formal investigation into the manipulation of inauguration ceremony photos after the Guardian newspaper revealed that former White House press secretary Sean Spicer had asked administration employees for national parks government to edit these photos, to make them more pleasant. to Trump… and the wise man understands.

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