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The Local Administration Committee of the House of Representatives inspects the Al-Dahar investment and service housing complex in Hurghada

The Local Administration Committee of the House of Representatives inspects the Al-Dahar investment and service housing complex in Hurghada

Major General Amr Hanafy, Governor of the Red Sea, and the Local Administration Committee of the House of Representatives, headed by Engineer Ahmed El-Segini, inspected a number of service projects in the city on Saturday evening from Hurghada to monitor their progress. .

This follows the meeting held at the governorate general office to review the projects implemented during the last period from 2020 to 2024.

The tour began with an inspection of the command and control center of the Unified National Emergency and Public Security Network at the Governorate General Office, where Major General Amr Hanafi confirmed that this center is through which various elements of Emergency and vital facilities are connected by a main center and a specialized operations room using modern communications technologies, as part of a unified network. It is fully insured and has been implemented in accordance with the latest international standards, as part of the digital transformation processes of the Egyptian state. The creation of this center is part of the directives of the political leadership aimed at establishing annex centers of the unified national network of emergency and public security services in each governorate of the Republic which are connected to the main center of the network so that everyone can access it. reports received from any governorate of the Republic will be responded to and processed as soon as possible.

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Then, the governor and the local administration committee of the House of Representatives inspected the fish circle in the Saqqala region, where he confirmed that this project constitutes a cultural change for the city of Hurghada, indicating that all Development works there have been carried out to the highest standard and with great efficiency in keeping with the nature of the area, which contributes to its suitable appearance to visitors. It is visited by residents and tourists.

After that, the Al-Yusr Water Desalination Plant was inspected, where Engineer Muhammad Issa, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Governorate Drinking Water and Sanitation Company, explained the station working system and how to maintain it periodically. Then, the governor and members of the House of Representatives inspected Public Beach No. 4, where engineer Hosni Mansour, head of the governorate’s reconstruction agency, gave a brief explanation of what the beach includes. Committee members also met with certain citizens who met with citizens. expressed their satisfaction with the development work carried out on the beach, in addition to the low cost of tickets.

The governor and members of the House of Representatives also made a point of inspecting the Mall of Arabia, which is being built in the old market behind the manufactured goods sales company, as stated by engineer Mohamed Abdel Moneim, director of the governorate’s housing department: this market consists of 3 floors, is being built on an area of ​​1,736 square meters and includes 69 stores and 2 shopping centers, in addition to offices and administrative services (electrical rooms – toilets), and aims to eliminate occupation and random markets and raise the level of services provided to citizens.

The visit ended with an inspection of the Dahar service complex and investment housing project, which is implemented under the supervision of the Directorate of Housing and Utilities with funding from the Governorate Housing Fund and includes 36 buildings with 720 housing units.

During their inspection tour, the governor and members of the House of Representatives Local Administration Committee were accompanied by Major General Mohamed Bandari, Secretary General, Kamal Suleiman, Deputy Secretary General, Major General Yasser Hemaya, head of Hurghada, Major General Ahmed Mahdi. , Head of the Southern District, and many executive leaders of the coastal governorate.

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