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The Minister of Irrigation participates in the “Governance, Planning and Financing” session as part of the activities of the 10th World Water Forum

The Minister of Irrigation participates in the “Governance, Planning and Financing” session as part of the activities of the 10th World Water Forum

The Minister of Irrigation during the “Governance, Planning and Financing” session

Mustafa Al-Tahtawi

Dr. Hani Sweilem, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, participated in the high-level session on “Governance, Planning and Financing”, organized by the International Network of River Basin Organizations (INBO) in within the framework of the activities of the Tenth World Water Conference. Forum.

During the session, Dr. Sweilem highlighted the most important principles that must be present in river basin organizations, the most important being comprehensiveness, so that the organization includes among its members all countries bordering the river , with a legal framework that guarantees total commitment. by all parties to the principles of international law (prior notification – commitment not to cause major harm). Ensure the realization of the interests and rights of upstream and downstream countries, and commit to cooperation and resolution of any disputes, tensions and conflicts. .

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Sweilem stressed the need for decisions made by the organization to be taken by consensus of all countries and not by the majority in order to achieve consensus among all countries, as majority-led institutions risk neglecting the interests of the other countries and promote division instead of cooperation. , with the need to ensure transparency and exchange of information during the implementation of projects and plans aimed at developing water resources in upstream countries and to respect the principles of international law so as to build trust between riparian countries and reduce the risk of conflicts over water resources. , while establishing a clear mechanism to guarantee compliance by countries with the desired cooperation methodology, and that these organizations are self-financed by the member countries of the organization so as to guarantee their independence in decision-making. on shared river basins, such as the International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine (ICPR), founded in 1950, the Senegal River Basin Development Authority (OMVS), founded in 1972, and the Zambezi River Commission, created founded in 2014.

Dr. Sweilem also reviewed the cooperative approach followed by Egypt to strengthen cooperation with the Nile Basin countries, such as the creation of 365 solar-powered underground wells for drinking purposes in the countries. from (Uganda – South Sudan – Sudan – Tanzania – Kenya – Democratic Republic). Republic of Congo), and implementation of 4 land reservoirs and 2 marinas, two rivers in South Sudan, 28 land reservoirs and 5 reservoirs in Uganda, implementation of 5 phases of the project to combat river weeds in Uganda, the creation of a flood forecasting center in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Republic of Congo, and a water quality center in South Sudan, exchanging visits and applied research with Nile Basin countries, and implementing… Many technical studies for integrated resource management water in the Nile Basin countries, in addition to training and capacity. building for 1,650 trainees from 52 African countries.

Dr. Sweilem stressed that Egypt is aware of its central role in supporting the development of the Nile Basin countries and, therefore, Egypt is committed to strengthening cooperation and achieving progress in all areas. Nile Basin countries, as it is one of the fundamental pillars of Egyptian water policy. and Egypt’s commitment to providing technical expertise and financial support to various projects that serve the citizens of the Nile Basin countries through practical measures that ensure well-being and prosperity for all, help the countries Africans to achieve sustainable development and improve the environmental sustainability of the Nile Basin countries. water resources of the basin and support the efficient use of the river’s resources to achieve economic development.

The Minister of Irrigation participates in the “Governance, Planning and Financing” session as part of the activities of the 10th World Water Forum

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