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The most important benefits of running: 15 things that happen to your body if you run? You won't believe the benefits of running daily 2024 - drweud
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The most important benefits of running: 15 things that happen to your body if you run? You won’t believe the benefits of running daily

The most important benefits of running: 15 things that happen to your body if you run? You won’t believe what benefits there are to running daily. How can you change your body shape by running? Running is considered one of the most important sports that improve a person’s overall mood. But on top of that; Do you know what the benefits of running are for the human body? A – One of the most important benefits of running is that you will reduce the number of visits to the doctor. Apples aren’t the only thing keeping you from going to the doctor. doctor. People who exercise are less likely to develop colon cancer, and women who regularly engage in intense exercise, such as running, can reduce the risk of breast cancer by up to 30%. Second – You can eat more carbs and that can be an excuse to eat more spaghetti. For example, when training intensely to prepare for a running competition, increasing your carbohydrate intake can improve your performance and also improve your overall mood during the competition. Third – You will maintain your interest in sports. Running training helps speed up metabolism and improve the cardiovascular system. Additionally, research has shown that people who follow this type of training enjoy running more and therefore continue their training. Four – The advantages of running: You will live longer. Those who run are less prone to illness than others and remain active into old age. Not only that, but they also live longer. Even if your running time decreases over the years, the health benefits remain. Five – You will feel like a primitive human Since prehistoric times, primitive man was created to run, so that he could escape predators. Sixth: You’ll burn more calories For a person weighing around 50 kg, running can result in a loss of more than 850 calories in less than an hour. Seven – It will improve your memory. Exercise helps keep your brain more active, which strengthens memory and protects against Alzheimer’s disease, even in cases where it is hereditary. Eight – You will be more optimistic. Active people see the glass as half full, even when they’re not running. New – You will have more beautiful and radiant skin. Believe it or not, sweating helps your pores get rid of the impurities that clog them and can cause breakouts. Good exercise can increase the natural oils that protect the skin from drying out. give it freshness. Ten – You will have more self-esteem There is no doubt that nature is very beneficial for our health and happiness, as those who run outdoors enjoy the picturesque landscapes. And they will have more self-esteem at the end of the training than those who run in a less beautiful environment. Eleven – You will find the balance that suits you. Older people who always run have better balance than those who have never run, but. be careful not to overdo it with running: excessive exercise can cause injuries and problems with the twelve-bone joint system. Running is also said to strengthen bones more than weight-bearing sports. Running helps strengthen muscles, thus maintaining bone health even at the age of thirteen. Will you feel weaker? Try going for a run instead of relaxing on the couch, even if it’s a short distance, as this will increase your energy levels and make you more active. Fourteen – You will sleep better as athletes tend to adapt their sleep routine better to maintain better performance. Additionally, running helps you sleep better and get rid of fatigue and stress. You will be less stressed. Instead of sitting on the couch watching all the TV shows, try jogging. Continuous exercise will increase serotonin levels, reshape the mind and make it more resilient to stress and tension. And you, dear viewer? Are you a fan of running? Write us your opinion or comment under the video, and don’t forget to share this video with your friends so that the information reaches as many people as possible. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Al-Hadaf channel to receive all the new videos:

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