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The organization and management explain the fact that there are no job grades in job competitions for endowments 2024 - drweud
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The organization and management explain the fact that there are no job grades in job competitions for endowments

The organization and management explain the fact that there are no job grades in job competitions for endowments

Dr. Saleh Al-Sheikh, head of the Central Agency for Organization and Administration, confirmed that there is no truth in what is said about the absence of job categories or financial allocations for competitions for 3,000 imam, preacher and teacher positions. , as soon as their provision has been completed and the financial allocations have been included in the general budget, as soon as the President of the Republic has approved the provision of the above-mentioned needs to the Ministry of Endowments.

This came during a meeting of the Religious Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives, headed by Dr. Ali Jumah, chairman of the committee, and attended by Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar Jumah, Minister of Endowments, to respond to a certain number of questions. requests for information regarding the competition for appointment of imams, teachers and preachers to the Ministry of Endowments.

He stressed that the Ministry of Endowments did not intervene at any time in the competitions, from the moment the agency announced the competition, through the electronic written exams and oral interviews, then the agency hands over the results to the ministry for action. his business.

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Dr. Saleh Al-Sheikh said: “We are facing a competitive system for employment that the Egyptian state has never experienced before, and it is the right of the most qualified and worthy to occupy public jobs, and it is also the right of the State. to choose its most qualified sons to occupy public jobs, in order to ensure the improvement of the public services it provides to citizens”, stressing that the Central Organization of Organization and Administration guarantees the right of those who wish to seek a job opportunity in the administrative apparatus of the State with equal opportunities among themselves in the stages of the competition, regardless of any consideration.

Dr. Saleh Al-Sheikh reviewed the stages of the competitions, “filling the positions of imams, teachers and preachers for the year 2022, filling the positions of imams, teachers and preachers for the year ‘year 2023 and filling positions in the ministry’. of Endowments” and the role of the agency in it, namely that the agency announces the competition in accordance with the conditions set by the Ministry of Endowments on the job portal website. The agency then nominates the candidates who meet the conditions for participation in the competition. take the electronic exam organized by the agency at the Capacity Assessment and Competition Center. Then, the agency formed a committee to conduct an oral interview with the candidates who passed the exam and submit the result, which includes those who passed the exam. oral interview, at the Ministry of Endowments to carry out its affairs.

Regarding the agency’s mechanisms for organizing job competitions, Dr. Saleh Al-Sheikh explained that, as part of the agency’s concern to provide equal opportunities to all those who wish to apply for job competitions, public employment, and to facilitate the application process, and also as part of its efforts to automate the recruitment process in the administrative apparatus of the State, it launched on July 1, 2021 a website Portal government jobs, through which the needs of entities to fill their vacancies and the conditions for applying for these jobs are explained. announced, in addition to allowing application through the portal, where the candidate registers their data, attaches all the required documents according to the conditions of the announcement, then the data and documents are reviewed electronically to ensure that they are compliant under the terms of the advertisement.

He stressed that the government job portal is the only way for the candidate to obtain information relating to the job applied for, as it allows him to inquire about the status of his job application, which it is accepted or rejected, to determine the date of the examination. and the result, submit a grievance request and the status of the grievance request, whether accepted or rejected.

He added that candidates were initially accepted to take electronic exams at the Ability Assessment and Competitive Exam Center, opened by the Prime Minister in July 2019. The agency also established a specialized center for the examination of persons with disabilities so that they can compete among themselves. for the percentage legally provided for them (5%) of the total number of jobs advertised. It has been equipped in accordance with the Universal Accessibility Code to be adapted to different disabilities.

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