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The president of Al-Ahly responds to the polarization of the summer… and confirms: The presence of supporters shames me!

Shoot – Khaled Al-Issa, director of the non-profit Al-Ahly Foundation, expressed his great joy at the success of the football team:

By qualifying for the AFC Champions League for the Elite next season, after the big victory over Abha with a score of (5-1),

In the 32nd round match of the Saudi Roshan League competition, he achieved third place with a score of 61 and qualified to Asia with Al Hilal and Al Nasr.

What did Al-Ahly president say after sweeping Abha?

Al-Issa said, in the program “Action with Walid”,: “Congratulations to Al-Ahly fans for this feat we have achieved.

We always strive for first place and we will not give it up, but we work based on many variables and circumstances. There is no easy match.

We also deal with data, injuries, match conditions, as well as travel and transfers, but I think third place,

God willing, it will be an offering of love to Al-Ahly fans, and we tell them that we will always work for the best and in the future we will reach the difficult figure.

Al-Issa praised the huge public presence at Al-Ahly Stadium, saying: “This presence shames me and makes me sad.

There is no reward for him except that we deliver them to the platforms of gold, God willing.

Al-Issa revealed his opinion regarding clubs’ discussions on summer recruitment and complaints from some clubs:

From closing the contract budget to fans’ demands for deals, saying, “The public has every right to blame and reprimand.” The public is against Khashmi.

We always look for the best, and what the fans do in the stands makes them worthy of demanding everything.

We will strive to provide everything we can, but for every incident we will just celebrate the victory in the Abha match.

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The president of Al-Ahly responds to the polarization of the summer… and confirms: The presence of supporters shames me!

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