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The prosecution confirms for the first time that the occupation no longer has the same status at the international level + video

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In an interview with the Al-Alam news channel for the program “With the event”, Adel Shadid stressed that what bothered Israel was the content and the decisions, whether they were implemented or not, or whether Israel adheres to it or not.

He stressed that there is shock in Israel, not from Netanyahu and his army minister, against whom the arrest decisions are supposedly directed, but from the entire political system, the opposition, the government and large segments of society, adding: We noticed for the first time in eight months that there is almost agreement and satisfaction among some of the decision. I have come to the conclusion that Israel, under this government, is heading towards the political and social abyss.

Adel Shadid said: What shocked Israelis was that Israel found itself, for the first time in 76 years, prosecuted as a state before the International Court of Justice and as individuals, leaders and accountable to the International Criminal Court.

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He explained that this means that Israelis understand that Israel no longer has an important and influential position regionally and internationally. If that were the case, the courts would not have dared to prosecute Israel or accept these complaints filed against Israel.

He added: The second problem, no less important, is that for the first time in 76 years, the international judicial dimension has been introduced into the tools of the Palestinian struggle against Israel, especially since these tools and means are not inexpensive to implement. the Palestinians, and it is not just the Palestinians who are obliged or forced to bring them to court, as they are accessible to many Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims and others.

He concluded by saying: Unfortunately, these issues are being raised by countries that are neither Arab nor Islamic, but the initiative came from the State of South Africa at a time when official Arab positions did not even dare not express their explicit position of support. of Palestine.

For more information, see the attached video.

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