The release of Call of Duty on Game Pass is a risky bet!

From the moment Microsoft announced its intention to buy the publishing giant Activision, there has always been talk of a game Call of Duty And to find out if it will be available on the subscription service Xbox Game Pass Release day or not?

Although no official announcement has been made yet, it appears the decision has been made. The answer is yesThe game will be available on GamePass on release day. Now the inevitable questions shift from “Will they do it?” » to “Is this the right decision?” What exactly is the plan? Will prices increase? Will a new subscription category be added? We don’t have the answers yet, but it’s worth at least discussing the pros and cons of such a decision. “Thanks to the founder of Gamer Social Club” for sharing some important thoughts with us.

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Point of view

Recently, some reports have been published that Microsoft could restructure its Xbox Game Pass servicewhich already seems to need to be reset and moved to a more PlayStation Plus-like model, in which first-party games arrive on the service later than release day because GamePass simply isn’t growing enough to justify a loss of millions in potential sales. .


The release of Call of Duty on Game Pass is a risky bet!
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

In theory, Xbox Game Pass aims to grow with each new game, making up for lost direct sales, but it just hasn’t been doing that enough lately. However, they have never had a game like Call of Duty, although they have games like Minecraft and other big games, but those usually come around once every few years, and the shooter Activision’s is almost the biggest game released every year, which is one of the reasons for this huge acquisition and it was a reason to block it.

Naturally, this divides people into two groups, one of them thinks that a new title in the Call of Duty series is so big that it will attract millions of people to the Xbox platform and that subscriptions to Game Pass will take off and increase even more, while the other side believes that putting it in Game Pass will significantly affect sales, given the low returns it will get, to the point that it could be a fatal blow for Xbox, but in both cases, Activision’s approach to its game has become. more service-oriented, and the emphasis on story mode and individual game modes has become less good than before.


The release of Call of Duty on Game Pass is a risky bet!
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

This is the part that a lot of players want to ignore, namely that the GamePass service cannot continue with this mechanism if it does not develop sufficiently, and it is still far from achieving this goal considering of the current circumstances that the industry is going through, and a giant company like Microsoft will not stand idly by and watch one of its major divisions collapse so simply or fail to make sufficient profits, nor will it rush to close studios and lay off more workers.

If subscriptions and the service in its current or modified form do not increase, with everything the company has done to offer millions of already subscribed members a new game from day one on a monthly basis, it could costing hundreds of millions of sales without any cost. additional revenue, which in turn could lead to the publisher or Microsoft… Next year you could say: “Sorry, no more Call of Duty and other new games on GamePass”? That would be an even bigger disaster for fans than the idea of ​​games being unavailable on release day on GamePass.


The release of Call of Duty on Game Pass is a risky bet!

Let’s now focus on the good side of things and give it a positive dose of optimism, because there is indeed a positive reward if things go well. During the Federal Trade Commission trials last year, a document was accidentally leaked that showed us that… 13 million PlayStation users have played Call of Duty In the United States in 2021.

These numbers represent roughly two-thirds of the user base at the time, but more importantly, half of those 13 million either played Call of Duty exclusively (1 million), or 70% of their gaming time was devoted to gaming (6 million). Spreading this across the world, you’ll find a wide range of console gamers whose primary gameplay is Call of Duty.

Here lies the important positive if the company can attract even 30% of this group of gamers to move to the Xbox platform and subscribe to the Game Pass service, then you will grow your activity in a very significant way, and you could tell at first glance. that all they care about is the Call of Duty game, they will still only buy it for $70 instead of the monthly subscription of $16.99, but when you look closer, the gap isn’t as big as you’d think given that players usually have to pay fees to play online as well and purchase seasons and other microtransactions.


The decision to add Call of Duty to the Xbox Game Pass service on its release day is indeed a risky bet, but at the same time, it has great earning potential. On the one hand, this could lead to massive growth in the service’s subscriber base and. Microsoft’s revenue, on the other hand, could lead to significant sales losses if the service does not attract enough new players.

The current conditions of the video game industry are the worst scenarios that the Redmond giant could imagine, that no company on earth would wish for, and the purchase of Activision could turn into a curse if not not exploited as quickly as possible. possible, and we do not want this to become the famous proverb that “The wind blows against the will of the ships” is a bitter reality for the business, and we will have to wait some more and see how only time will tell if this is possible. the decision will bear fruit or not.

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