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The repercussions of the decision of the International Court of Justice on the Israeli occupation entity

The world – The Israeli eye

The show discussed the decision issued by the International Court of Justice, which ordered the Israeli entity to stop the attack on Rafah, sparking general rejection and Israeli anger, while the Hebrew media saw that this made things more difficult.

Regarding the decision of the International Court of Justice and its repercussions on the Israeli occupation entity, Khalil Nasrallah, who follows Israeli affairs, confirmed that he considers that it directly affects them as an entity, and that it This is a good decision from the Israeli point of view. and the wrong decision from the Palestinian point of view is that it had aspects of understanding that speak of the need to release the hostages held by the resistance in Palestine without restrictions or conditions, and that is part of the problem, and therefore it simulates an Israeli request, and this supports the Israeli entity.

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Nasrallah stressed that the third point is that he did not mention the Palestinian prisoners, neither before October 7, nor even their large number after October 7, and that he did not talk about the occupied West Bank and of the oppression that takes place there, nor of the arrest operations, and all these questions, he did not address, and therefore they are understood in the form that they try to market in the media.

Nasrallah noted that if the matter were brought to the UN Security Council, their diplomatic correspondence says that we need an American veto, and the American veto is considered present, because the Americans will not allow that this be announced to the Security Council and have imposed sanctions against These are things that we all know, and looking at the resolution we see that there are things that often the executioner is equal to the victim.

The program also discussed Moshe Gilad, a former head of Israeli military intelligence, who believes that the entity must rid itself of the consequences of the decision of the International Court of Justice and seek help from the Americans.

The program highlights the recognition of the Palestinian state by Spain, Ireland and Norway, which caused a political shock within the Israeli entity, prompting Netanyahu to issue threats and describe the Palestinian state as a state of evil and terrorism.

The program discussed the behavior of the Netanyahu government – for its part – with great anger, which manifested itself in a series of measures against Spain, Ireland and Norway, in addition to the great pressure that he exerted on other European countries so that they refrain from recognizing the Palestinian state.

The show also discussed what Ben Gvir described as the three European countries’ support for the Palestinian state as a reward for Hamas, and called for control of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the complete occupation of Rafah.

Program guest:

– Khalil Nasrallah, a follower of Israeli affairs

Details in the attached video…

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