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The Second Field Army... a story of victories and leadership, founded by Abdel Nasser. 2024 - drweud
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The Second Field Army… a story of victories and leadership, founded by Abdel Nasser.

The Second Field Army... a story of victories and leadership, founded by Abdel Nasser.

The Second Field Army is one of the largest combat terrorist formations in the Middle East region, due to its combat formations and units, as well as the scope of its operations and assigned tasks. , depending on the nature of the theater of operations.

The Second Field Army continued its functions in the northeast direction, since its creation, following the aggression of June 5, 1967. At that time, the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser ordered the reorganization of the armed forces, one of its most significant repercussions. was the formation of the Second Field Army.

The process of reorganizing the armed forces began a few hours after the aggression of June 5, 1967 and continued until mid-July 1967, including studying the reasons for what happened, how it happened and why the results on the ground have been such that it is necessary to quickly diagnose the crisis and develop main and precautionary solutions?

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The reasons for what happened were diagnosed (the centralization of military decision-making, which was in the hands of Marshal Abdel Hakim Amer, the method of taking measurements and drawing up plans without sufficient study or experience, the separation of political and military leaders in assessing the situation, giving priority to people of trust over people with experience in leading certain formations, and humility Sources and credibility of information…).

The General Command quickly corrected the situation by promulgating Law No. 4 of 1968, which regulated the status of the armed forces within the general framework of state agencies, while the restructuring included a reconsideration of leadership positions, General Muhammad Fawzi assuming the post of Commander-in-Chief, Secretary Howaidi of the Ministry of War, and General Abdul Al-Moneim Riad, Chief of Staff.

Command and control were unified, competencies were defined, and safeguards were established for collective decision-making on important military matters. Republican decisions were made to form the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, defining its organizational composition, duties, competences and responsibilities.

The reorganization of the forces included all commands, departments, formations and units of the General Command and its departments and units, with the reorganization of the command of the Eastern Military Region, where the Second Field Army (the most large tactical combat formation in the Middle East) and the Third Field Army were created.

The Second Field Army participated in numerous battles, beginning with the War of Attrition and then the victory of October 1973, before engaging in the subsequent successful War on Terrorism. of the global operation ordered by the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces. Armed Forces, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, before years.

The Second Field Army was affiliated with numerous multi-specialized divisions, brigades and battalions, before the general took as his war staff the current commander of the Second Army, led by eminent names: Nabil Hasaballah, companion by Raafat Arafat, Tariq Hassan. , Khaled Mujawar, Nasser Al-Asi, Muhammad Faraj Al-Shahat.

Famous leaders: Ahmed Wasfi, Muhammad Farid Hegazy, Jamal Embabi, Ibrahim Nasuhi, Abdul Jalil Al-Fakharani, Sabri Al-Adawi, Hamdi Wahiba, Saad Abu Raida, Magdy Hatata, Muhammad Hussein Tantawi, Safi al-Din Abu Shanaf, have also successful. at the head of the second field army Ahmed Salah El-Din Abdel-Halim, Ibrahim Al-Orabi, Abd Rab Al-Nabi Hafez, Fouad Aziz Ghaly, Abdel Moneim Khalil, Saad Mamoun, Ahmed Abdel Salam Tawfiq and Ahmed Ismail Ali.

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