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“The West without illiteracy”… eradicate the illiteracy of 220,000 citizens of the governorate within 3 years

“The West without illiteracy”... eradicate the illiteracy of 220,000 citizens of the governorate within 3 years

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Mohammed Aouf

Rahmi: Literacy eradication played an important role in Zefta joining the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities (GNLC) for the year 2024.

Dr. Tariq Rahmi, Governor of Gharbia, received this morning at the library of the general office of the governorate, Dr. Eid Abdel Wahed, head of the General Authority for the Eradication of Illiteracy and Adult Education, in order to honor the governorate for having obtained first place at the initiative of His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sissi (A Decent Life) for three consecutive years. The branch is the ranking of the governorates of the Republic in the General Authority for Adult Education for the annual quarterly ranking of the. year 2023/2024, eradicating illiteracy of 67,338 citizens, with a success rate of 226.7%.

The head of the authority praised the efforts of Gharbiyah Governorate, which eradicated the illiteracy of 220,000 citizens over the last three years, which is a major achievement that contributes to reaching practically zero and declaring the Governorate of Gharbiyah free from illiteracy. praised the support provided by the Governor in the implementation of the convoys and projects implemented by the Authority in Gharbia to develop the element.

Nassef expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Governor of Gharbia for his continued support to the Gharbia Adult Education Authority branch to eradicate illiteracy in Gharbia, emphasizing continued cooperation with the governorate in light of the vision adopted by the governorate, noting that the tangible change in development and service witnessed by the Delta Bride strengthens the participation of the authority in the implementation of a greater number of activities and of events in order to achieve a governorate free of illiteracy, in accordance with the Egyptian Vision 2020/2030.

The Governor of Gharbia highlighted the importance of eradicating illiteracy and adult education, as one of the fundamental pillars of the construction and development process undertaken by the Egyptian state to build the new republic , emphasizing that the eradication of illiteracy is considered a driver of sustainable development. apart from being an inherent part of education and a form of long-term learning, the governor added that the eradication of illiteracy in Zefti plays a major role in achieving this unprecedented goal and in the selection of the city of Zefti to join the UNESCO Global Network. of Learning Cities (GNLC) for the year 2024, among 64 cities from 35 different countries around the world, in recognition of the remarkable efforts to make lifelong learning a reality and a reality for all.

Rahmi added that the selection of Zifti is the result of the activities carried out by the center, including development, human development and economic and social empowerment projects, which contributed to raising awareness among citizens and building a healthy human being. health and a family capable of participating. under construction and development in the governorate of Gharbia.

The meeting ended with the presentation by the President of the Authority of the Shield of Excellence to the governorate of Gharbia, the governorate having obtained first place in the field of literacy for three consecutive years within the framework of the Initiative for a decent life. The governor of Gharbia also presented the commemorative shield of the governorate. to Dr. Eid Abdel Wahed, President of the General Authority for Literacy and Adult Education.

“The West without illiteracy”... eradicate the illiteracy of 220,000 citizens of the governorate within 3 years

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